We know that managing your equipment is one of the most important — and potentially time-consuming — elements of your daily work. That’s why Caterpillar has made it simple to connect using these apps. You can get all the data you need sent directly to your smartphone, and it’s as easy as downloading an app.

We also know that if you’re just beginning to use equipment management technology, it can seem overwhelming. Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning and integrating these Cat® apps on your worksite, and choose the services that are right for you.


How can using Cat apps to gather equipment data save you money?

Cat equipment management technology uses telematics to read the sensors on your machine and transmit data to your equipment management apps. The benefits can be enormous.

  1. Lower your fuel costs. Use Cat equipment management technology to track and reduce idle time, which can represent as much as 40-50% of fuel consumption. Also, data analysis can help you determine if something else is at fault for a sudden increase in fuel consumption. Fuel data can help you determine if your machine has dirty fuel injectors, contaminated fuel filters, worn piston rings or leaky valves, or a faulty engine control module — among other potential diagnoses. By catching these issues early, you can save money and time in maintenance and repairs — and keep your fuel costs at a manageable level.

  2. Increase utilization by studying when your equipment is not being used. Data analysis can reveal patterns you might have missed otherwise. By observing the jobs your machines are doing and analyzing idle time, you can look for alternative uses of each piece of equipment and find another revenue-generating function.

  3. Use data to manage maintenance intervals. Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your maintenance intervals by working with your Cat dealer to interpret data. You may be able to stretch maintenance intervals more than you think without compromising the health of your equipment, especially if you work with your Cat dealer to enable condition monitoring services.

  4. Create a fast start team. The data you gather from your equipment can positively impact all areas of your worksite. Empower your crew with the data and make a cross-functional team that can use this information to overcome challenges.
Now, let’s look at the specific technology you can use to gather information and manage your equipment.

Cat Inspect App

Prioritize repairs, reduce costs and increase productivity and worksite safety with Cat Inspect.

Cat Inspect App


Cat Inspect is a daily equipment inspection tool that works on smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for paper inspections. You can quickly access equipment data and instantly see a machine’s repair records without having to track a complicated paper trail. The Cat Inspect app gives you access to Cat global inspections forms like preventive maintenance and daily walk-arounds. You can also create your own custom checklists and inspection forms; take notes, photo and video documentation; and share your results with others. The app keeps your equipment’s daily inspections in one place and integrates Cat VisionLink® to increase your productivity and extend the life of your machines.

Learn more about Cat Inspect here or download the app on Google or Apple iTunes.

Cat Inspect App

Cat VisionLink®

Cat VisionLink is a subscription-based, web-based equipment management tool for monitoring machine information at a detailed level. VisionLink connects to your equipment’s telematics hardware and gathers and analyzes the data. It delivers reports about the performance of your individual machines. Choose the data reporting frequency that works best for your job, and customize dashboards to deliver only the information that’s most important to you.

Using VisionLink is a three-step process:

  • Make sure your equipment has telematics hardware. Newer Cat equipment will have telematics built into the machine.

  • Choose a telematics subscription to access the data, working with your Cat dealer to decide which VisionLink subscription level is best for your equipment.

  • Integrate VisionLink data into your business decisions. Talk to your Cat dealer today about finding the right telematics subscription to activate VisionLink.

Learn more about VisionLink here:

VisionLink® Overview | Guho Corp


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