Connected Product Data Principles

Many of our services offered to you are based upon information obtained from a variety of applications and involve the collection of information about connected products including, for example, location, operating conditions, and operator’s use. Your trust is essential to the success of our technologies and services. Our services leverage connected product data to provide actionable information that you can use to improve your operations and, ultimately, your profitability. We understand that you want to know how these equipment technologies and services can deliver benefits to you while respecting your information. These connected product data principles, together with Caterpillar’s Data Governance Statement (available at explain Caterpillar’s information management guidelines for connected product data.

  1. We Respect Your Choices
    When you make choices about your data preferences, such as through subscription services or hardware configuration, we will respect those choices.

  2. We Protect Your Data
    Caterpillar is committed to maintaining and regularly improving the security measures that protect your data. Caterpillar implements organizational, technical, and administrative measures to protect collected data against loss and unauthorized access. If you have reason to believe that your data is no longer secure, please immediately notify us. 

    Find out more about our connected solution security strategy and review our principles here.

  3. We Use Your Data to Create Value and Improve Products for Our Customers
    Our goal at Caterpillar is to provide value to our customers when we use data, for example: to improve safety; reduce cost of ownership; deliver superior services; drive product development; check and maintain product health; enhance product and operational performance; generate de-identified, aggregated and statistical data; conduct market research; and offer you new products. We recognize that the way data is used differs based on industry, region and your needs and accordingly, we may adopt specific strategies for treatment of data by products that reflect these needs.

  4. We are Transparent about the Collection and Use of Your Data
    Caterpillar’s Data Governance Statement describes our practices for collecting and using connected product data. For example, we may share your data with our business partners to enable delivery of Caterpillar value added services and products to you, or engage third parties to process data on Caterpillar’s behalf. Regardless of who processes the data, Caterpillar will be responsible for your information.

    Your information may also be used in benchmarking reports to allow comparisons across fleets/equipment data within an industry. Benchmarking reports will not include personally identifiable information.

How Caterpillar Implements these Principles

Caterpillar’s Data Governance Statement further describes how Caterpillar will gather, manage and protect your data. It is also important that you review the specific governing terms and conditions applicable to the products or services you are purchasing or using.

We periodically review our Data Governance Statement and these principles to maintain data collection and usage policies that align with industry standards and applicable laws. Caterpillar reserves the right to amend these connected product data principles, and its Data Governance Statement, at any time.

These data principles are foundational, and Caterpillar is working hard to ensure that data gets where it needs to be to help you succeed. These data principles are about strengthening our already close relationship with you.