2649 mm (104 in), Bolt-On Cutting Edge

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Used to load and carry ultra-low density material in a variety of applications.

Width 104.0 in 2649.0 mm Less
Capacity 1.74 yd³ 1.33 m³ Less
Weight 921.5 lb 418.0 kg Less
Height 29.8 in 757.0 mm Less
Length 40.6 in 1031.0 mm Less
Base Edge Thickness 0.75 in 19.0 mm Less
Cutting Edge Thickness 0.63 in 16.0 mm Less
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler Skid Steer Coupler Less

Rigid Bucket Floor

Material Handling Buckets incorporate underside support straps to elongate the life of the bucket and ensure minimal wear to the wrapper sheet.

Integrated Step

Integrating a serrated step onto the side of the bucket ensures safe entry and exit from the machine cab without having to step over the center of the work tool.

Bolt-on Cutting Edge

Bolt-on cutting edges ensure a ground engaging wear surface that is easily replaced when needed, prolonging the life of the bucket.

Torque Tube for Increased Rigidity

A large torque tube located on the back side of the bucket ensures that it can withstand machine forces and large capacity loads.

Visibility Honeycomb

Located above the Torque Tube structural support, the honeycomb visibility section allows the operator to easily view the cutting edge to ensure accurate placement and loading.