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Inside a D7R rebuild

The best way to understand the value and benefits of the Cat® Certified Rebuild process is to go inside an actual machine rebuild. Read on for details of how one Cat dealer recently transformed an 11,300-hour D7R into a zero-hour dozer featuring a new machine warranty.




Major Components

The Cat Certified Rebuild process touches every major system and component on a machine. That's how we're able to restore its original performance and productivity levels. Here's a look at the reconditioning work, engineering updates and performance testing applied to the D7R rebuild.


Power Train

Drive Train

Wear Parts


The rebuilt D7R's engine was upgraded to like-new performance and emissions standards and reconditioned with approximately 1,000 new and Cat Reman parts — then tested to ensure its quality, power and performance met owner expectations.

Engine component rebuild


The dozer's transmission was rebuilt and upgraded to like-new condition, with components replaced with genuine Cat parts — renewing the performance of the entire power train.

Transmission component rebuild


Final Drive

Engineering upgrades, along with renewed protection against contaminants and debris, enhance the rebuilt D7R's final drive performance. Fast-wearing parts like bearings, gaskets and seals were replaced with new parts.

Final Drive

Differential Steering

The Cat Certified Rebuild process restored the dozer's load capacity, power and speed control. The differential steering system was also equipped with the latest maneuverability enhancements.

980H Wheel Loader Rebuild


Precision edge cutting blade

A key part of the D7R's rebuild was restoring life for worn cutting blades. The option to flip the edge helps ensure durability through multiple wear cycles.

Precision edge cutting blade upgrade


The dozer's track group life was extended, and rotating and replacing worn parts helped balance undercarriage wear. Both contribute to improved performance and increased operator comfort.

Undercarriage component rebuild






Rebuild now. Repay later.

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Upgrades and enhancements

Every Cat Certified Rebuild includes the option to upgrade optional features and technologies to current standards. It's an affordable way to enhance your machine even further while it's already in the shop for a rebuild — no additional downtime required. Take a closer look at the upgrades and enhancements added during the D7R rebuild.





Folding access ladder kit

Ease of maintenance was a priority for this dozer rebuild, so the owner chose to add a folding access ladder kit, providing service personnel with quicker, simpler access to the fuel tank.

Folding access ladder kit upgrade

Track Spade and Holder Kit

Another serviceability upgrade on the rebuilt D7R was the addition of a track spade and holder kit, which allows for faster, easier undercarriage cleaning.

Track spade and holder kit upgrade


LED Work Lights Package

Upgrading the rebuilt dozer with LED work lights helps illuminate the surrounding area. That improves operating visibility, increases jobsite safety and adds productive work hours to the day.

LED work light upgrade

Work area vision system (WAVS)

The addition of WAVS on the rebuilt D7R also helps to enhance safety. Robust, closed-circuit cameras and an in-cab display combine to increase operator awareness of the work area.

Work Area Vision System (WAVS) upgrade


Upgraded bluetooth radio

Upgrading the D7R's standard radio to a heavy-duty receiver equipped with Bluetooth technology isn't just a perk for operators — it also helps ensure they can stay connected even in rugged conditions and extreme environments.

Bluetooth Radio upgrade

PL542 Product Link™ with VisionLink® subscription

The rebuilt D7R now features Product Link™ hardware to collect and transmit machine data and includes a VisionLink® subscription that enables the owner to access custom data insights and reports on everything from dozer location and utilization to health and performance.

PL542 Product Link Device upgrade






Your dealer is standing by

A process this extensive requires trained professionals, specialized equipment, stringent quality control and access to the latest technical information and is available only through a Cat Certified Rebuild performed by your local Cat dealer. 

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D7R Rebuild Videos

Want to learn even more about the D7R Cat Certified Rebuild? Watch these short videos to discover why the dozer's owner prefers to rebuild versus buying new and get an insider's view of the rebuild process from the dealership's shop floor.


D7R Rebuild

D7R Rebuild Timelapse

A new dozer for half the cost    

Jomax Construction saves big on cost — and reduces downtime — by choosing to rebuild, rather than replace, its high-hour dozers. Discover why this pipeline company trusts the Cat Certified Rebuild process to bring end-of-life machines back to good-as-new performance.

D7R Dozer Certified Rebuild Testimonial Video

Time-lapse: D7R Cat Certified Rebuild

How do you transform a dozer with 11,300 hours working in tough pipeline construction into a zero-hour, like-new machine? Watch as the Cat dealer experts completely disassemble, then rebuild this D7R from the ground up.

D7R Dozer Certified Rebuild Timelapse



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