Upgrade Features and Technologies When You Rebuild





During a Cat® Certified Rebuild, which returns your end-of-life machine to like-new condition, you also have the opportunity to upgrade optional features to current standards. It’s a great way to improve equipment productivity, efficiency, comfort, serviceability or safety — or all of the above — at a much lower cost than buying a new machine.

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Schildberg Construction's Experience

Schildberg Construction recently completed a Cat Certified Rebuild on a 980H wheel loader with more than 23,000 hours. The team at Cat dealer Ziegler restored the machine to like-new condition, plus incorporated many of the latest engineering updates.

Schildberg also chose to upgrade the rebuilt loader with new LED lighting, tire pressure monitoring and seat belt reminder systems, and a backup camera to improve productivity and safety on the job.

“We don’t tend to just buy a machine and trade it off,” says Scott Armstrong, shop supervisor for Schildberg Construction. “We rebuild multiple times, and you can do that with Cat equipment.”


980H Certified Rebuild of 980H Wheel Loader with Upgrades


Advantages of a Cat Certified Rebuild

If you haven’t considered a Cat Certified Rebuild for your equipment, perhaps it’s time you did — especially if you tend to run your machines to high hours like Schildberg Construction and you enjoy getting maximum economic value out of your original investment. Cat Certified Rebuilds:

  • Return your end-of-life equipment to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new
  • Let you keep the equipment you’re comfortable using while restoring — or even improving on — its original performance and productivity levels
  • Incorporate engineering updates introduced after your equipment was first manufactured
  • Give you the option to upgrade optional features and technologies to current standards — a great way to reduce costs, boost productivity and enhance efficiency at a much lower price than buying new
  • Come with like-new product support from your Cat dealer, as well as rebuild financing options available through Cat Financial
  • Include more than just complete machine rebuilds — Certified Powertrain, Commercial Engine, Hydraulic and Machine Component Rebuilds are available as well

Here’s another benefit: Cat Certified Rebuild machines tend to capture significantly higher resale value because they’re rebuilt to a strict set of standards required by Caterpillar, then updated, serviced and supported to a higher level than other rebuild programs. That’s why choosing a Cat Certified Rebuild performed by your local Cat dealer is the best way to take advantage of the multiple lives built into your Cat equipment and get the maximum return on your investment.