Upgrade features and technologies when you rebuild

Do you have an older piece of equipment that you’d like to keep using, but wish it had a few more modern technologies or conveniences? You’re in luck.

During a Cat® Certified Rebuild, which returns your end-of-life machine to like-new condition, you also have the opportunity to upgrade optional features to current standards. It’s a great way to improve equipment productivity, efficiency, comfort, serviceability or safety — or all of the above — at a much lower cost than buying a new machine.

Rebuild, Upgrade Rebuild, Upgrade

Why upgrade during a rebuild?

We’re constantly updating Cat equipment to make it more productive, more comfortable, simpler to service and safer to operate. Depending on the age of the machine you want to rebuild, some of these features may not have been available when you first bought it. Or maybe you chose not to add certain options at the time of purchase, but realize now you’d like to have them.

A Cat Certified Rebuild is the ideal time to retrofit your equipment with these add-ons. Because your machine is already off the job and in the shop for the rebuild, no additional downtime is required.

What upgrades are available?

Most anything available on today’s models can be retrofitted on a Cat Certified Rebuild machine. Here are just a few examples.

  • For safety – backup cameras, LED or HID lighting and seat belt reminder systems
  • For productivity and efficiency – onboard technology like grade control and payload monitoring
  • For comfort and ease of operation – upgraded cabs, Cat Comfort Seats and ride control
  • For serviceability – enhanced filtration, auto-lube systems, turbine pre-cleaners and electric priming pumps

Ready to learn more about the Cat Certified Rebuild Program and how it can help you keep using the equipment you love for years to come? Get the details here, then talk to your Cat dealer.





Upgrade features and technologies when you rebuild