Andrew Clope,
Condition Monitoring Advisor

The power behind prevention.

andrew clope

As emission standards evolve and the engines that power equipment become increasingly high-tech, Andrew’s background proves more valuable every day. At Caterpillar, he worked at the proving grounds (where equipment in development undergoes real-world testing) and the engine center. He also spent time in our dealer service network, helping troubleshoot issues related to aftertreatment systems. Now Andrew’s applying his engine expertise — along with a big-picture, problem-solving mentality — to help you prevent unnecessary failures and downtime.

In His Own Words

  • Last time you turned a wrench: “Daily”
  • Most common issues you spot: “Aftertreatment- and operator-related events and lack of proper maintenance”
  • Most used tool in your shop or garage: “Cordless impact driver”
  • Four fun facts about you: “I enjoy being a dad, building cars, playing guitar and chasing storms”

Meet the Experts

Jeff Payne

When Jeff started out as a mechanic, equipment wasn’t nearly as smart as it is today. Now, the machines “talk” to him — and he helps you listen to make sure they’re as healthy and productive as possible.

Meet Jeff
Jeff Payne
Jeff Payne

Brian Jones

Earning your trust and helping you be proactive versus reactive: that’s Brian’s goal. To achieve it, he’s all about collaboration — bouncing ideas off his teammates to find the right answer for your situation.

Meet Brian
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Ivan Brandt

What makes the team in the Fleet Monitoring Center special? According to Ivan, it’s each individual’s unique pairing of high-tech skills and hands-on knowledge — a combination that helps you find and fix problems fast.

Meet Ivan
Ivan Brandt
Ivan Brandt