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Get to Know the Cat® Fleet Monitoring Team

Meet the Real People Behind the Recommendations

Just who are the people monitoring your equipment? They’re not nameless faces who spend all day sitting behind a computer screen, staring at data. (Although they are skilled at interpreting the information your machines provide and using it to diagnose issues.) Our Fleet Monitoring Center team is made up of industry experts with years of hands-on experience working on machines and jobsites. They know how to turn a wrench, don’t mind getting their boots dirty and get the greatest satisfaction out of helping you spot and stop problems before they happen.


Jeff Payne

When Jeff started out as a mechanic, equipment wasn’t nearly as smart as it is today. Now, the machines “talk” to him — and he helps you listen to make sure they’re as healthy and productive as possible. 

Meet Jeff
Jeff Payne meet the experts

Ivan Brandt

What makes the team in the Fleet Monitoring Center special? According to Ivan, it’s each individual’s unique pairing of high-tech skills and hands-on knowledge — a combination that helps you find and fix problems fast.

Meet Ivan
Ivan Brandt meet the experts

Brian Jones

Earning your trust and helping you be proactive versus reactive: that’s Brian’s goal. To achieve it, he’s all about collaboration — bouncing ideas off his teammates to find the right answer for your situation.

Meet Brian
Brian Jones meet the experts

Andrew Clope

Each member of the Fleet Monitoring Center team may bring a particular specialty to the table — engines and aftertreatment in Andrew’s case — but they’re big-picture thinkers when it comes to assisting your operation.

Meet Andrew
Andrew Clope meet the experts