Cat Repair Options
Cat Repair Options

3 Ways Cat® Repairs Beat the Competition

Making smart repair choices can help you get the most out of your operation. By performing repairs on schedule (and before failure) you’ll get the best possible value from your Cat® mining equipment. Plus, you’ll save money since it’s less expensive to plan a repair and take a machine out on your own time versus being faced with unplanned downtime.

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The repair and rebuild options you choose for your operation can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It’s important to consider repair options that make the most sense for your fleet, site and business. 

Repairs and rebuilds from your Cat® dealer can help extend machine life, reduce overall operating costs and maximize the efficiency of your operations. Your dealer’s repair options differ from the competition in three notable ways:

1. Turnaround time 

Repair-before-failure maintenance means you get the best turnaround time for an end-of-life component or a machine rebuild. From quick quotes to unmatched service, there are several ways to minimize downtime. Industry-leading component availability and options for on-site repairs help Cat customers get more uptime and better overall machine availability.

2. Multiple options & tiered pricing 

Your Cat dealer offers different price tiers across various repair options. That helps you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and set up a proactive equipment management plan. From minor to major overhauls, dealer exchange, Cat Reman or new, you have competitively priced options to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. You can also add upgrades and enhancements that improve safety, convenience, operator comfort and equipment performance. If you need help with financing your repair or rebuild, Cat Financial is ready to work out a plan that fits your needs and budget.

3. Components designed for superior wear life

Cat components deliver long-lasting wear life — and they’re designed to be rebuilt. Our engine, drive train and hydraulic component repairs and rebuilds can help optimize reliability and extend machine life. With the largest global dealer network in the industry, your local dealer can provide repair solutions that work with your machine’s original design specs. Your dealer offers the broadest range of repair and rebuild options to meet the needs of your operation.


Select the Right Repair Online

Make your next repair decision using our online selector tool. Answer the six simple questions — like how long you plan to keep your machine and how quickly you need it back in service — to help refine your repair option recommendation. 


The best time to repair and rebuild is at the hour intervals recommended by your dealer or at the earliest signs of wear and performance issues. Your Cat dealer can provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component quality and industry-best parts availability. The wide range of repair options can help you extend machine life, reduce operating costs and maximize your operations anywhere in the world. 

To further enhance your maintenance and repair experience, consider a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) or look into a Maintenance & Repair Contract (MARC). These options can take some or all of the burden of mining fleet management off your crew’s shoulders, leaving them more time to focus on vital site management tasks. 

See for yourself how Cat repairs differ from the competition and keep your fleet in top shape. Contact your Cat dealer to tailor repair options to your budget and turnaround time needs.


See how flexible repair options can help you control costs and downtime.

Cat Repair Options
Cat Repair Options


Find out more about how your dealer can support your mining operation and keep your jobsite moving.





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