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Million Miler Club

Million Miler Melvin Douglas II


Home base: Ross, North Dakota
Company: One Job Leads to Another, Inc.
Services: Van, hazmat, tanker, step deck trailer, climate control, double and triple trailers, car hauling and dump truck
Truck: Kenworth W900L
Engine: Cat® C-16
Engine mileage: 1.6 million miles and counting

Million Miler Melvin Douglas II
Million Miler Melvin Douglas II

Melvin Douglas II grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. So it’s no surprise he ventured out on his own 14 years ago to establish a trucking and transportation company, One Job Leads to Another, Inc. Since then, he’s logged 1.6 million miles on his Cat C-16 engine. Find out what motivates this Million Miler and why he considers Cat on-highway truck engines the best ever built.

What’s the history of your business?

Being in a family of entrepreneurs, I was destined to find a skill that would be profitable and spark my passion day after day, which is why I chose to start a career in the transportation and trucking industry. After working for other companies for approximately 11 years and generating a large base of customers, I decided to take a leap of faith and created One Job Leads to Another, Inc. in 2008.

How has your company grown over the years?

One major turning point was when the decision was made to contract One Job Leads to Another to other companies in North Dakota, so that I could learn, work and gain more knowledge in the oilfield industry. During this six-year tenure from 2014-2020, One Job Leads to Another gained numerous safety awards, outstanding driving recognition certificates and other accolades — creating windows of opportunity for massive growth in experience and knowledge. That has catapulted One Job Leads to Another into a versatile and flexible organization.

What are you most proud of?

The opportunity to provide continued services within the 48 contiguous United States but mostly to do so when our country needed us most, namely during the 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic across America.

What keeps you truckin’?

Trucking is never stagnant. You are always on the move, with new places and new adventures to experience and opportunities to learn other industries within trucking.

How long have you depended on Cat engines?

Approximately 14 years. Cat engines enable our company to provide uninterrupted service to contracted or in-house operations.

How does the support you receive from the Cat network differ from other OEMs?

There is comfort in knowing that authorized Cat dealers use genuine Cat parts during repairs. Knowing stock parts are going back into the engine — quality parts that were made for that engine — gives me comfort.

What’s the deciding factor to continue running Cat engines versus buying a new truck?

Hands down, we consider Cat engines the best ones ever built. No other OEM engine can perform like a Cat engine. I’m more confident in a Cat engine even on its worst day than any other OEM engine.


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