Caterpillar Social Media Community Guidelines

Caterpillar Social Media Community Guidelines

Caterpillar’s social media accounts are a place where you can learn about the latest news from Caterpillar, while engaging in respectful dialogue between Caterpillar, our current and prospective customers, and all fans interested in our company and our brands from around the world.

Our goal with Caterpillar social media accounts (including all Caterpillar-related pages about Cat® products and other corporate brand pages) is to offer an official destination where we can share interesting and entertaining Caterpillar content and dialogue.

Caterpillar Terms of Use:

This Caterpillar social media accounts are intended to provide a place for fans of Caterpillar to discuss Caterpillar’s products, services and promotions. All comments, visuals, videos and other type of material posted by fans on this site ("User Content") do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of Caterpillar, its employees or affiliates. Caterpillar (a) does not represent or guarantee the accuracy of any user generated statement, or warrant any product claims made here, (b) is not responsible for any User Content on this site, and (c) does not endorse any opinions expressed on this page.

To assist you in making responsible decisions about your use of Caterpillar’s social media accounts, we have established guidelines for appropriate use. First, by using or accessing Caterpillar’s accounts, you agree to comply with each accounts’ Terms and Conditions of use. In addition, to remain in good standing with our community, we kindly ask that you respect the following guidelines when participating in discussion on our accounts. We will moderate comments, and any comments falling outside of the discussion guidelines below are subject to not being published and/or being removed.

Participation Guidelines for Caterpillar Fans

1. Be Respectful. Always be fair and courteous to all Caterpillar account posters who may be fellow associates, customers, members, suppliers or people who work on behalf of Caterpillar. We have a diverse group of fans comprised of people from all over the world, which may mean that opinions will differ. We simply ask you to think before you post. You can debate and be constructive without being hurtful in your comments and posts.

2. Please, no spam. Please keep all comments related to the subject matter of the post, as off-topic or spam posts are subject to deletion, including posts advertising goods and services.

3. Know and Follow the Rules. Inappropriate postings that may include discriminatory remarks, harassment, and threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct will not be tolerated. Caterpillar will remove any content that it considers in violation of these guidelines.

Caterpillar reserves the right to remove any content that is:

  • Defamatory, libelous, abusive, harassing, stalking in nature, a threat of violence or otherwise violates the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
  • Obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, illegal, and disparaging of customers, members, associates or suppliers or that might constitute harassment or similar inappropriate or unlawful material.
  • Containing software or other material protected by intellectual property laws (or by rights of privacy or publicity), unless you own or control the rights or have received all necessary consents.
  • Carrying viruses, contains corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer.
  • Falsifying the origin or source of software or other material contained in a file that is uploaded.
  • Portraying unsafe operation of equipment, including, but not limited to, unsafe depictions of children or animals on or near equipment.
  • Promoting any activity that is illegal.

4. Caterpillar may share your posts.  Our pages are filled with great photos and posts from our fans. By submitting your post through Caterpillar’s pages, you grant Caterpillar the right to display or distribute your content, including any and all intellectual property, ideas, or concepts contained in your post, as well as your name, image, and likeness without payment or compensation to you, and without seeking any further approval from you. Without limiting any of those rights, Caterpillar may distribute, use, or refer to your posts, comments, or submissions.

Caterpillar’s Commitment to the Community

We appreciate your following our guidelines. In return, Caterpillar is committed to being as active as possible across all of our social media properties providing engaging content and giving back to our followers to the greatest extent possible. We take an active role in engaging our community by reading and replying to comments when questions are specifically presented to us. As representatives employed by Caterpillar Inc., we are not just employees, but we are fans as well, and it gives us no larger sense of pride than to know that the information we share and discuss with you is enjoyable, discussable, and shareable between your own online communities. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or wish to report inappropriate content posted on this page, please contact us immediately at

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