3D Grade Control
3D Grade Control

Maybe You DOn’t Need
3D Grade Control

True or false?

__ Most of my jobs involve working on flat planes or slight grades.

__ I tend to do the same types of jobs on a daily basis.

__ I usually work in the same types of materials from one day to the next.

__ I’m not a technology expert and don’t have one in my company.

__ The price of a grade control system is my primary concern.

__ It’s not unusual to lose the GPS signal in areas where I work.

If you answered “true” to most of the questions, you might not need a 3D system—at least not yet. A 2D system could be a better option.

Try 2D

2D systems make a great first investment. They’re simpler and less expensive than 3D systems but deliver the same kinds of benefits.

  • Reach target grade faster with fewer passes and less operator effort
  • Meet high-quality standards—consistently
  • Boost productivity, even with less experienced operators
  • Reduce costly rework
  • Save fuel, materials and labor costs

2D systems perform well in a variety of applications from road construction and maintenance to pad building, site prep, ditch cutting and more. They’re especially effective for repetitive work that entails flatter planes and simple slopes. They’re also useful when working in areas where GPS signals get blocked or lost. In many cases, the components are portable, so they can be used on multiple machines. And 2D systems are scalable, so you can choose a simple system now and build on that investment with an easy upgrade to 3D technology.

Talk to a professional

Obviously, there’s more to choosing a grade control system than answering a few true-false questions. But let the quiz be a starting point. Meet with a professional to review your specific situation, then choose the technology that matches your requirements and meets your goals. Whether that ends up being a 2D or 3D system, you’ll be better equipped to save time, cut costs and improve profitability.


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