Meet the Paving Screed Changing the Paving Industry

Groundbreaking three-dimensional paving technology plus experience-inspired solutions combine for an industry shake-up. Meet the Cat® SDX.

Since the arrival of the first pavers, screed plates have had flat surfaces. Now, thanks to two brothers from Wyoming and Cat’s exclusive product development stake, the paving industry is about to see its most significant change in almost a century. Cat Paving is introducing the Cat SDX Screed Plate System, a one-of-a-kind assembly of industry innovation only from Cat. 

We’re going to break down exactly how Cat is laying the groundwork for a paving evolution.

What Makes the Cat SDX Screed Plate System Different

The seamless integration of the Cat SDX Screed Plate System’s dual-patented design and trade-inspired construction have led to a screed plate system with a dynamic series of value points for major paving jobs in a variety of conditions. From performance, to longevity, to serviceability, let’s take a closer look at the components that make this possible:

  • Conductor Plate 

    Cat SDX brings the heat with an insulated aluminum conductor plate that better retains the heating element. It attaches to the screed plate, and by utilizing its existing structure design, makes for an easy retrofit.

  • Screed Plates 

    Cat SDX makes a mark with a three-dimensional screed plate surface design that allows it to run flatter to the paving surface. The main and extender sections are comprised of multiple plates, all casts made of high-strength chromium carbide.

  • Fastening System 

    Cat SDX brings it all together with a revolutionary locking system that eliminates the hardware. Tapered blocks integrated into screed plates correspond to the conductor plate’s custom beveled edges. High-temp silicone retainers maintain the tension.

The Cat SDX’s one-time conductor plate installation requirement simplifies maintenance, and the patented fastening system reduces plate replacement time down to as little as 4 hours—by almost 80%. On top of that, the unique plate design encourages more uniform wear, extending plate life to nearly double that of conventional screed plates, maybe more.


How the Cat SDX Screed Plate System Builds Better Roads

When pursuing the incredibly high standards of road building specs, paving continually comes back to two qualities in the mat: density and smoothness. Asphalt compaction at its highest temperatures means maximized density, resulting in potentially smoother results and a requisite reduction of air void to meet the necessary results. 

The Cat SDX system creates a kneading action and dynamic material flow that enhances compaction and increases density, leading to a number of improved outcomes, including reduced IRI scores and better edge profiles. Kinetic mixing generated by the 3D screed plate design encourages better bonding interface between binder and aggregate, promoting more thermal uniformity. 

This increased density and improved compaction create a surface visibly different, even to an untrained eye. Unconfined joints express little lateral movement. The mat doesn’t get pushed or shoved around on a first pass. Even boot prints don’t leave an indentation. What’s more, these resulting effects are all achieved at the critical juncture in the paving train: when the asphalt mix is getting placed under the screed itself. What you get is better surface preparation for a stiffer, denser, smoother mat.

To hear insiders say it, the Cat SDX Screed Plate System provides product solutions that directly address issues the industry has faced for years. Paving might never be the same.


See the Cat SDX Screed Plate System at CONEXPO 2023

Interested in how the Cat SDX technology can help your paving business? See us introduce it live at ConExpo, or contact your local Cat Paving Sales Representative to learn more.