Landfill Technology
Landfill Technology

What Can Compaction Control Do for You?

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Extend Landfill Life, Improve Performance & Enhance Safety

What if you could compact more trash in the same amount of space, adding years of life to your landfill and a big boost to your bottom line? It’s not a pipe dream. Landfill managers using GPS technology—like Cat® Compaction Control for Landfill Compactors—report efficiency gains of 10-25%, thanks to more accurate pass counting and better compaction density. Here’s how it works—and five ways you can benefit.


Cat Compaction Control for Landfill Compactors combines advanced compaction measurement, in-cab guidance for operators and reporting capabilities for managers. The system includes a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver on the roof of the machine and a mapping display inside the cab. 

You can select a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) to track pass counts or a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) system to monitor both pass counts and elevation. Either option is ready to go on Cat K Series compactors straight from the factory, which means you can add it any time. You can also choose to start with SBAS and upgrade to RTK when the time is right.



Even the best operators can lose track of pass counts over the course of a long shift or in the rush of peak times. When that happens, you run the risk of over- or under-working the waste. With Cat Compaction Control, operators don’t have to keep track—the system delivers real-time 3D pass mapping right in the cab, indicating exactly where to work. Just by glancing at the display, your operators can maintain a consistent, proper four-pass pattern, all shift long.

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With the RTK version of Cat Compaction Control, the system does more than map pass counts. It also uses an elevation-based algorithm to measure when layers are compacted to optimum density. No more relying on operators to judge compaction by feel or stopping work for manual measurement. Now, your operators will know exactly when their compaction work is done—saving time and fuel in addition to maximizing density.


Need to manage water flow, construct an access road or create a working face or plane? With Cat Compaction Control, your operators can pull up design files right in the cab—choosing from built-in master plans or creating new ones on the fly. That means you can keep your operation moving, rather than having operators sitting idle waiting for someone in the office to generate designs. 


Cat Compaction Control allows you to set up avoidance zones, then delivers an alert to operators in the cab when they get too close—helping stop accidents before they happen. The system records the data, so you can do any necessary training with operators after the fact. It also lets operators flag the location of any “special” or hazardous material—asbestos, treated lumber, medical waste, etc.—right from the cab.


Cat Compaction Control gives you the option to send the data collected onboard your machines to VisionLink® to view and analyze remotely. Use 3D project monitoring to filter data by date, design, machine, elevation or area. View elevation data relative to your master design plan. Use the landfill app to enter tonnage and view daily and moving average density. With this information, you can see trends and make changes—like training operators or switching out machines—right away. You’ll also have less need to call in surveyors, and fewer people on the ground means lower costs and less chance of accidents.

Ready to see what Cat Compaction Control for Landfill Compactors can do for your operation? Your Cat dealer can share more details and set up a demonstration.