Productivity with Connectivity
Productivity with Connectivity

Boost Productivity Site Wide

Cat® technology and services are the fastest way to boost productivity in fleets of any size.

In the grand scheme of the industrial world, the goal for customers is to produce more output with fewer resources. Doing more with less is the key to running a business that is not only effective, but constantly growing in scale and capabilities. Caterpillar offers a platform of technologies designed to help our customers get more from every single machine on their worksite, and keep every operator, safer. Every pass, every haul, every drill, every operator is an opportunity to increase productivity. From intelligent data and analytics to GPS guided grading and connected safety systems, every element of Cat® technologies work to make actions more effective.

All over the globe, Cat technology is pushing the limits of productivity for all different types of customers. From Timmy Hall Timber and Construction who expanded his coverage to the entire state of Alabama, to Crowley Maritime who uses Cat technology to get complete visibility into marine engines, generators, thrusters and critical systems 24/7. This level of visibility helps eliminate downtime and ensure that their vessels are working as much, and as long as possible.

When customers can get more out of their machines, they can take their business to new places. Boyce Excavating is a 4th generation, family-owned contracting outfit from New York that doubled their grading capacity from 1500 tons to 3000 by implementing Cat technology. By doubling their capacity, Boyce has continued to stay competitive in a massively challenging landscape.

Halfway around the world in Turkey, IGA, a large construction group built the biggest airport on earth in Istanbul. Their local dealer helped assemble a colossal fleet for over 350 machines, all utilizing Cat technology to ensure as much uptime as possible while moving 7 billion cubic feet of material. The operation ran 24/7 at 90% uptime for 42 months. This level of consistency was achieved through smart machine management, operator safety technologies and site mapping. All services that are made possible with Cat technology.

It’s these applications that showcase the power of Cat technology to produce more, stay safer, and keep our customers moving onward and upward. Imagine the impact it could have on your business.

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