Motor Grader M Series
Motor Grader M Series

Save Time and Money With The Cat® M Series Line

120M2, 12M3, 140M3, 160M3 and 14M3

Controlling operating costs and production efficiency requires the right machine and the right technology. You get it all in the Cat® M Series motor graders with Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, Stable Blade, Auto Articulation and Advanced Control Joysticks.

  • Cat GRADE with Cross Slope This simple blade control system gets to grade faster and more accurately without satellites or infrastructure. The operator’s manual input automatically adjusts pitch on one side of the blade to get quick, precise grading with less fuel, material and effort.
  • Stable Blade Stable Blade senses bounce and automatically reduces engine speed at 15% intervals until the machine stabilizes. It then increases rpm systematically until a pre-set level is reached. The result is a smooth, even grade.
  • Auto Articulation Auto Articulation allows your M Series grader to articulate automatically as it’s steered to improve performance and maneuverability in tight space.
  • Advanced Control Joysticks Adding the revolutionary Advanced Control Joysticks will boost operator safety, efficiency and productivity. The easy-to-use controls give operators unparalleled control to steer, shift, articulate, adjust the blade, use automated grading systems and control auxiliary hydraulics…without taking their hands off the joysticks.

The Cat M Series motor graders with Cat GRADE will put you in a stronger position to control production efficiency and operating costs.


Stay ahead of the competition with the versatile and ready to work Cat motor graders.

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