Technology - Multiple ways to Optimize your Performance



This is the first in a series of articles about how technology can help construction companies optimize their performance across their worksites. Most contractors agree that project success is largely determined by four factors: time, cost, quality and safety. Each of these factors can be affected by the priorities at different job levels. Think about how the different priorities across these roles impact your worksite:





Technology Brings Big Advantages To Information Sharing And Accuracy


As the team deals with changing requirements or unplanned worksite events, it can be challenging to keep different priorities from competing with one another. It takes a lot of information sharing and communication to keep an operation running on schedule and on budget.

Technology can provide a big advantage in terms of speed of communication and accuracy of information provided. The challenge is getting started and learning how to get everyone in sync.  There simply isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Each company’s journey is unique.

In this series of articles, we’ll take a quick look at how technology can improve performance and make suggestions for how priorities across the worksite team will work better as a result.



Get Rid Of The Paper Trail, Design A Digital One

Running from site to office to trailer, so you can update, print and distribute information eats up your critical resources. Something as simple as a Request For Information (RFI) can create a ripple effect that can:

  • hold up work until an answer is received → Impacts time

  • add more cost because work will take longer  → Impacts cost

  • stall other related tasks  → Impacts productivity

  • tie up equipment needed somewhere else → Impacts availability


Digital Trail


Stop Chasing the Paper Trail. Adopt Cloud Computing.

The Cloud platform simply means that users with an internet connection can access “live” information from anywhere. Do you check your email on your smartphone? You’re already using the cloud.


8 Quick ways the Cloud can save you time, money and headaches:

  • Rapid decision making when personnel can connect with each other from almost any location

  • Faster response time to RFIs (Requests for Information), change orders, and purchase orders

  • Snap and send photos of worksite activity

  • Check manufacturers’ instructions

  • Confirm calculations

  • Instantly look up building codes

  • Quickly check contracts

  • Track weather

Improve with Cat Technology

Cat technologies pay for themselves. Get more insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

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