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In the current competitive environment, machine control technologies (for grading, compaction, etc.) that can help you reduce operating costs or improve the accuracy of your operators are certain to help you win more bids and work more productively.  Combine those technologies with the telematics data from your machine that helps you control maintenance and repair costs, and you are working your bottom line not only from the revenue side but the cost management side as well.


What can you expect from machine control Technology?

Based on contractor-reported benefits from technology-powered worksites:



Machine Productivity Increases 10% - 40%

Productivity gains depend on the type of machine and the application, but because increased accuracy requires less operator effort, more work gets done.


Operator efficiency increases 10% - 20%

Operator efficiency improves as technologies help them operate more accurately and avoid rework. As technologies become more integrated into the machines, the learning curve decreases, and any operator's skill level is enhanced.


Fuel savings 20% - 50%

Fuel savings come from completing jobs faster (less run time) and in some cases being able to do the work with fewer machines.


Material Savings 2% - 10%

When applying materials for finish grading or compacting, technology increases the accuracy of the depth of material required. With precise application, little to no material is wasted.


Reduction in rework 30% - 50%

With the increased precision technology brings, job specifications are reached more accurately with fewer passes to correct any errors.



But just increasing productivity isn’t necessarily going to boost your profit on a job. Monitoring the condition of equipment, controlling maintenance and repair costs and maximizing uptime and utilization are all key to making the most on every project. Telematics data from your machine which includes fuel, idle and productive work hours and a wealth of other information, can help you get the biggest return on every productive work hour.






The data generated by all the machines on your site tells a story. Analysis of that data can reveal key areas for improvement. Here are some of the key benefits you can gain by studying the information generated by the equipment on your worksite.

Increased Uptime

As companies get more comfortable with technology, some acquire more detailed data, often through fault code alerts, which are emails or text messages delivered when a machine is working outside a predetermined set of parameters. Typical fault code alerts would notify an owner about engine over-speeding, high-speed directional shifts, temperature changes and variances in pressure. These alerts can point to needed maintenance and repairs that can be made before a component fails. Using this information reduces machine downtime and equipment repair costs.


Optimized Asset Utilization

With accurate data about the amount of work machines are doing, it’s easier to identify underutilized assets. When possible, this equipment can be put to work on other projects, reducing the need for rental machines. Precise data about machine utilization can also be used to determine the best mix of rental and owned assets, forecast future equipment needs, plan capital expenditures and assess the viability of selling underused assets.


Improved bidding accuracy and competitiveness

One U.S. construction company is submitting tighter, more competitive bids, thanks in large part to the fuel data being captured from on-board systems. A project manager says it was routine practice to pad the fuel numbers in the past—just in case. But now he says, “We can go in and look and know exactly how many gallons per hour [the equipment] burns. It helps us get our bids closer and be more competitive.”


Improve with Cat Technology

Cat technologies pay for themselves. Get more insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

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Wherever your worksite is in terms of productivity or getting connected to your telematics data, your Cat® dealer can help you find the right technology to improve your profit margins.