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Payload Technology
Payload Technology

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With on-board payload systems like Cat® Payload, advanced weighing modes assist with payload accuracy and make loading cycles more efficient as a result.



Transfer-On-Weight — provides a preview of material weight plus total truck payload as the bucket is weighed – giving operators the opportunity to tip off material if the load is too heavy before dumping it into the truck. 

Low-Lift-Weighting — estimates material weight at a low-lift height – without lifting through the entire weigh range – to speed loading when exact weights aren't required, such as during hopper loading. An added benefit is the speed of truck loading. The operator can use the "low-lift estimated weighing weight" in conjunction with tip-off to adjust his final bucket for the right amount prior to completing the truck. This saves time and fuel since he doesn't have to lift all the way through the weigh range for a scaled, accurate weight prior to making adjustments, like he would on a more traditional system. 

Tip-Off — allows the operator to make final-pass load adjustments at the stockpile, truck or hopper and view adjusted weights in real time. 

The operator can track loader productivity right from the cab – with quick access to daily payload weights, load and cycle counts, and totals. 

This puts the operator in control and gives him more confidence.

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Improve with Cat Payload Technology

Cat Payload technology pays for itself. Get more insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

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How much could you save with Cat Payload technology? Plug your operation's data into the Payload Calculator for a real look at your potential yearly savings, thanks to more precise measurements. With on-the-go weighing, your operators can hit their targets, every time.

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