Genuine Cat® Parts Play the Part in “Dominoes”

In a domino topple, every piece works together—one tile tipping over the next to create a perfect fall. It’s the same way inside a Cat® machine, where every part works with the next to deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability. That’s the analogy behind “Dominoes,” the latest short film in the Built For It™ Trials.

Filmed inside a Cat dealer warehouse in the United Kingdom, “Dominoes” features 2,700 handmade domino tiles set up by two local domino enthusiasts. Playing important roles along the topple “course” are several Cat parts—including engine oil filters, a Reman cylinder pack and engine air filter elements—commonly used as part of a customer’s regular preventive maintenance program.

“For our customers, failure is not an option, so we wanted to raise awareness of the potential consequences of using a non Cat will-fit part,” says Elizabeth Smith, the marketing manager for Cat dealer Finning Power Systems. “The video aims to show that, while they sometimes look very similar, only a genuine Cat part will do.”

According to Archie Lyons, creative director for Global Brand Marketing at Caterpillar, working with a Cat dealer to highlight the genuine Cat parts message made perfect sense.

“Our customers rely on Cat dealers around the world for the widest selection of Cat parts, available when and where they need them,” he says. “With genuine Cat parts and Cat dealer service, everything falls into line.”

“Dominoes” took two days to set up and film—and getting the topple to work perfectly did require some practice.

“Getting the ball to bounce at the correct height and distance took over an hour,” Smith says. “The uneven floor meant that the floor’s bounce was never consistent. The little loop that the ball does around the piston head was pure luck!”

Watch the video to see why only a genuine Cat part can play the part—then visit your Cat dealer or for the parts and resources you need to keep your Cat equipment operating reliably, productively and at the lowest possible cost.

In “Dominoes,” 2,700 handmade domino tiles fall perfectly into line with the help of genuine Cat® parts. Watch the latest in the Built For It™ Trials.

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Why Use Genuine Cat® Parts

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