Go Behind the Scenes of “Lantern Festival”

What does it take to hang 8,840 lanterns, string together almost 7.5 miles (12,000 meters) of wire and transport a Cat® Generator up narrow, winding mountain roads? A real team effort—one that’s clearly on display behind the scenes of “Lantern Festival.”

The latest in the Built For It™ Trials, a series of Caterpillar short films, “Lantern Festival” follows the delivery of a 252,000-watt generator set to China’s Yuhu Village, which is nestled into the side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at 7,900 feet (2,408 meters) of elevation. By bringing outdoor power to this isolated community, the gen set—and the team behind the project—enabled Yuhu Village’s 380 families to experience the wonder of Lantern Festival.

This behind-the-scenes video explores why Yuhu Village was the right location to bring Lantern Festival to light, and what went into selecting the right generator set to work at such a high elevation.

“I felt extremely happy seeing our generator set operate properly and stably,” said Steve Zhao, Industry Representative in Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division. “The shooting location is in high altitude and air temperature is relatively low. Our Cat generator set proves its high quality, in this situation.”

Archie Lyons, Creative Director in Caterpillar’s Global Brand Marketing group added, “The gen set truly is built for it and we as a company are built to deliver.”

Watch “The Making of Lantern Festival” to see how Cat power and the residents of Yuhu Village teamed up to light up the night sky.



This behind-the-scenes look at “Lantern Festival,” the latest in the Cat® Built For It™ Trials, explores what it takes to light up the night sky—and the faces of local villagers—in a remote Chinese village.

Behind-the-scenes look at “Lantern Festival,”