Using Cat® Inspect for Equipment Inspections

Cat® Inspect is an easy-to-use application that allows users to complete a range of inspections on any iOS or Android smart device. And with machine-specific preventive maintenance checklists, you won’t have to worry about meeting recommended intervals.

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Equipment inspections are vital for maintaining operating performance and efficiency. They help you identify small machine issues early — before they turn into expensive repairs. 

Mobile apps are currently used to complete more than a million inspections every year. And with Cat® Inspect, you can complete a range of inspections on any smart device.


Cat Inspect provides step-by-step guidance to make daily walk-around inspections quick and easy. You can include extra information such as photos, comments and ratings to provide clarification and facilitate quick action. Plus, you can link inspection data with other Cat Equipment Management tools to help you make smart decisions for your business.

Once you complete and submit an inspection, the data goes to a specified email address (or a group of addresses) to ensure timely reporting. It eliminates the need for paper forms that can get misplaced, damaged or never filed.

Use the Cat Inspect daily inspection form across your entire fleet, regardless of make or model. Many other standard Caterpillar forms are available for other types of data, including site inspections and fluid sampling results. You can create custom forms, too.

To perform a typical daily walk-around inspection, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your app and log in.

  2. Use the quick access menu bar or locate the asset to be inspected in the fleet list. Scroll through the list, scan the asset’s QR code, or search for the asset ID, serial number or model number.

  3. Open the asset details page.

  4. Start a new daily inspection form.
    • a. This is the default form unless otherwise specified.

    • b. Your device must be connected to data or Wi-Fi to search and select a form. It can be offline while filling out the form.

  5. Enter required data (marked with a red asterisk) in all three sections.
    • a. Asset info: Include service meter value. Other data will be filled in automatically when a current asset is selected from the fleet list. Optional information can be added as desired.

    • b. Rating: Rate the general condition of the machine, add photos or take a video to include with inspection comments.

    • c. Walk-around: Click a response to all the step-by-step questions on the screen. Rate each question green/yellow/red to indicate condition.
      • 1) Optional: Rate questions one at a time on the Questions Details page. This is where you can add photos, videos and comments.

      • 2) Red or yellow ratings require a comment, photo or video.

  6. All info is automatically saved. You can return to previous sections at any time. Tap done when all questions are completed.

For detailed instructions on how to complete any inspection using Cat Inspect, check out this video.


Estimated watch time: 5 minutes

  1. On the submission screen, choose a title and sign your name.

  2. Add general comments here if desired.

  3. Tap submit to send the inspection report to the default email address(es) added under customers and assets sections.

  4. Watch for the word completed (in green text) to appear to confirm.

If your device is offline, the form will be submitted when an internet connection is re-established. 

To learn more about the offline capabilities of Cat inspect, watch this short video.


Estimated watch time: 1 minute

And to save a bit of time, you can launch regularly used inspections on the quick access menu bar. For more info, check out this video.


Estimated watch time: 2 minutes

For other settings and support instructions, watch this video:


Estimated watch time: 4 minutes

Download the Cat Inspect app free on your iOS or Android mobile device. Fleet owners will also want to look into the companion Cat Inspect web application, which enables you to manage inspections across your entire fleet.


Discover more about Cat® Inspect and how it works with other Cat Equipment Management technologies.

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