Put Your Quarry Efficiency Into Overdrive

Keeping up with multiple machines loading multiple trucks in quarry applications can be time consuming and difficult. But you can streamline that process by tracking assets with Cat® Dispatch for Loading.

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Jobsite telematics are transforming the way contractors work. And Caterpillar is on the cutting edge of this technology trend, helping simplify machine telematics and data interpretation. This way, you can make fast, accurate decisions to boost quarry efficiency instead of wasting your valuable time trying to manually draw conclusions.

With Cat® Dispatch for Loading, track your assets in real time by automating the assignment of the loader’s list of jobs by truck, material and payload. 

Quarry operations, with multiple machines loading multiple trucks, can be particularly tricky to manage effectively. Dispatch for Loading is part of VisionLink® Productivity, a web platform that sends a complete overview of the quarry operation directly to your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Dispatch for Loading takes the data transmitted from your machines via the onboard Cat Product LinkTM device and downloads it directly to the web platform. This operational data gives you a live view of truck and machine activity and your site’s day-to-day progress.  

This provides you with a centralized source to view, assign and adjust critical operational factors such as waiting times, payload, number of passes to full trucks as well as other types of performance data. Use this data to easily figure out efficient ways to run multiple machines and trucks at the same time.

Using Cat Dispatch for Loading can help you: 

  • Increase quarry efficiency

  • Improve site communication 

  • Improve loadout accuracy

  • Reduce truck waiting time 

  • Enhance safety

  • Reduce operating costs and wasted time 

And Dispatch for Loading isn’t just a front-office management tool. It can show machine operators vital information about the jobs they’re doing. Wheel loaders subscribed to VisionLink Productivity and Dispatch for Loading, and equipped with Cat Production Measurement Pro, provide operators with a live view of trucks in the yard. Taken as a whole, Dispatch for Loading can potentially reduce a truck’s waiting time on site by up to 10%.

Other Dispatch for Loading benefits include:  

  • Site management

  • Foreman site summary to manage and monitor site progress 

  • Near real-time site dashboard with average truck time in yard, loading time, hauling time, waiting to load time

  • Job history reporting 

  • Simple and intuitive interface for loader operator

  • Integrated VisionLink Production Measurement Pro system to measure payload, truck ID, material ID, loader ID 

Even small details, like the amount of time machines and trucks spend idling or the number of passes it takes to load a truck can positively or negatively impact your bottom line over time. With Dispatch for Loading, there’s no more guesswork. You know exactly what those — and other critical machine and truck performance numbers — are. 

Using that information, you can uncover opportunities to fine-tune your operations with additional training, changing your machine utilization profiles, using new or different machines or by adopting new technologies to help boost your production and find the most efficient, and cost-effective way, to run multiple trucks and machines at the same time. 

Moreover, Cat Dispatch for Loading lets you zero in on specific job details so you can prevent outbound scales bottlenecks and reduce the wrong materials being loaded, or the over/under-loading of trucks.

And all of this helps increase your profits by creating more loadout bandwidth in the yard thanks to reduced truck time, and helps reduce under-loading trucks, allowing you to compete jobs faster, using fewer trucks. 

Additionally, Cat Dispatch for Loading helps you on your next job by allowing you to pull historical production data for more accurate bids on future projects.

Learn more about how Dispatch for Loading can help kick your quarry production into high gear. 


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