Articulated Truck Hoist And Transmission Control

Your articulated truck has been designed for ease of operation and comfortable accessibility. The combined hoist and transmission control is yet another feature that has been specially crafted to make your job go more smoothly than ever, while cutting down on operator fatigue. Here’s how it works.

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How to Use Combined Hoist and Transmission Control on Your Cat® Articulated Truck

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Your truck’s combined hoist and transmission control level puts the hoist function and your gears easily within reach. Refer to the video for a visual illustration of each button’s function.

Using transmission controls [00:16]

Use the combined hoist and transmission control lever to access park, reverse, neutral and drive gears. The large black switch on the lever’s left side is the neutral lock. Press this to access neutral gear. The yellow button below the neutral lock is the transmission hold/waiting brake; use this to hold your current gear, or to apply the waiting brake while in neutral. The final yellow button is the speed limiter.

Using assisted hoist [00:58]

Assisted hoist automatically controls the dumping process. This minimizes a need for operator input, speeds up dumping times and cuts fuel consumption. Activate assisted hoist with the switch located on the panel to the right of your lever. 

To raise the body, place your truck in neutral and pull the hoist control switch on your lever all the way up and quickly release it. Your transmission will neutralize, your waiting brake will apply, and your truck’s bed will fully hoist. Once your bed is raised, drive forward to clear all the material.  

To lower the body, return your truck to neutral gear. Push the hoist control switch all the way down and quickly release it. Your engine speed will increase to high idle, and your body will lower. An indicator light on your gauges display will light when the body is not down.

Want to enter manual mode and control your hoist yourself? Turn off the assisted hoist switch to manually control the hoist lever. 

Remember: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Cat® dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your machine.


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