Articulated Truck Traction Control System

Cat® articulated trucks are made to work in all types of terrain. Whether you’re driving in rocky or slick conditions, your articulated truck is built to perform — and keep you safe. In addition to following safe operating procedures, take comfort in your truck’s automated and standard traction control system.

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Your Cat® articulated truck’s traction control system is an automated feature that stops wheel slip. See how it works in this video:

How to Use Traction Control on Your Cat® Articulated Truck

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So how does traction control work? 

Sensors on your truck’s axles receive 100 signals per second [00:26]. When they detect wheel slip, the appropriate differential clutch engages. The system applies clutches based on ground conditions and grades and then disengages them once wheel slip has stopped.

Traction control does not require you to flip any switches or apply brakes or other emergency measures. It protects you and your articulated truck in wet, muddy conditions. And it cuts down on tire and driveline wear by automating operation of the differential clutches. That way, you don’t have to focus on your clutches and can concentrate on driving, loading and dumping. 

You can see important traction control readouts on your Cat Information Display. [01:16]. Traction control is the default third page on your performance screen. Here, you can see your machine slope and axle torque percentages.

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