Attachment Tracking Is Easy with the PL161

When your fleet is scattered among several worksites, we know it can be tough to keep track of your attachments. Each one is a valuable investment — and fortunately, we have the technological solution to help you monitor them, no matter where you are.

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The Cat® PL161 attachment locator is a small Bluetooth device that connects to your machine or VisionLink® to track the location and hours of your attachments. By attaching a PL161 to each of your valuable assets, you can reduce loss, prevent theft and monitor the hours of use of each attachment from a single dashboard. 

The following video introduces you to the device and how it interacts with your monitor. 

How to use the Cat® PL161 Attachment Locator

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Simply mount the PL161 to your equipment attachments of any asset brand or type, or to anything else you want to track. Then activate the Bluetooth sensor by shaking your attachment, which will allow your Cat® monitor and smartphone with VisionLink to detect and recognize it.  

The PL161 is small enough to not interfere with your work and durable enough to last through all worksite conditions, with a battery life of up to two years and pre-configured firmware.  

Advantages of Using PL161 [00:16]

  • View the locations of your attachments across multiple worksites in one dashboard through VisionLink. 

  • Track the working hours of each attachment to monitor which may need replacement wear parts, or which may need to be fully replaced. 

  • Set site boundaries for each attachment. 

  • Easily switch to PL161-activated attachments on your monitor by navigating to the work tools submenu. If you are working with a PL161-mounted attachment, you will notice an icon outlined in green at the top of your monitor. 

  • Manage your full fleet by integrating PL161 data in VisionLink.

Have any questions about managing attachments after watching this video? Reach out to your Cat dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment.


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