Cat® Payload for Articulated Trucks

Load the right amount every time by using Cat® Payload for articulated trucks. This standard technology takes all the guesswork out of loading by automatically detecting how close your truck is to capacity.

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Cat® Payload for articulated trucks makes it easy to track payload in real time. See how it works in this quick video:

How to Use Cat® Payload for Articulated Trucks

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There are eight sensors located on your articulated truck. Once the system detects a minimum load weight of 11,023 pounds (5,000 kg), the payload screen appears on the Cat Information Display.

  • On the payload screen, you’ll see a vertical light bar that fills up as you approach your load limit, weighing the tonnage of your load so far. 

  • Lights mounted on all four sides of the cab display colors to signal the loading tool operator of payload status. [00:27]

    • Those lights are green until you reach 75% of your load capacity. 

    • They flash red from 75% to 95% capacity, meaning you should be on the last pass of loading. 

    • The lights turn solid red at 95% to indicate full payload. 

For the payload sensors to work accurately, be sure to calibrate your truck’s tare weight through the empty weight calibration function. Access calibration through the service menu. To properly calibrate the empty weight of your dump body, make sure the bed is completely empty. You may want to do this once per shift, or as needed.

Your Cat Payload screen also shows the material you’re tracking and which jobsite you’re working on. [01:21]

  • You can easily toggle to different materials and jobsites when necessary, and input new location and material information. 

  • You can also click the totals button to show how much of a particular material you have loaded and dumped where you’re working, and view all your payload data online via VisionLink®

Download this brochure to learn more about Cat Payload for articulated trucks.

VisionLink is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United States and in other countries.


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