Grade Control Subscription Simplifies Connectivity

By providing internet access through cellular connections, Cat® Grade Connectivity helps you manage data from multiple machines across your jobsite. In areas with good cellular coverage, this grade control subscription lets you take advantage of Cat Grade with 3D without additional onsite hardware, simplifying setup and reducing system costs.

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Cat® Grade Connectivity is a grade control subscription designed to make using Grade with 3D easier. Grade with 3D is a valuable machine control and operator assist technology. With it, you can achieve accurately finished grades and lower cycle times. Plus, Grade with 3D works to reduce fuel usage by helping operators of all levels get to final grade in fewer passes.

Your grade control subscription can be applied to a wide range of Cat equipment, including:

  • Excavators

  • Dozers

  • Scrapers

  • Motor graders

  • Pavers

  • Cold planers 

Depending on the availability of local cellular and internet service, Grade Connectivity can eliminate the need for additional cellular radio modems and local base stations. It is ideal for use in urban areas and anywhere that offers good virtual reference system (VRS) coverage via reliable cellular service and internet access. 

Your grade control subscription works with existing Cat equipment and onboard systems. You don’t need to purchase additional hardware for new machines, or to upgrade properly equipped assets already in your fleet.

Design plan sharing and more

A Grade Connectivity subscription helps you maintain control over your production data and grade plan design files. It enables you to:

  • Easily share central site-design plans for easy productivity data management between machines.

  • Upload productivity data to VisionLink® 3D. 

  • Share site-design files without the need for external USB drives.

  • Transfer site-design files to and from your machine quickly and easily.

  • Modify basic grade settings via a normal cellular connection.

How it works

Cat Grade Connectivity adds cellular connectivity to individual machines, providing an internet connection for correction services and/or two-way data.

  • Your grade control subscription can cover multiple machines, allowing you to manage Cat Grade performance across your entire fleet.

  • The subscription software can replace other hardware for cellular connectivity. 

  • It consolidates multiple assets onto a single service, simplifying the billing process for multiple assets.

  • Additional SIM cards and separate data plans are not required for Cat Grade Connectivity.

Grade with 3D compatibility

Grade Connectivity works on machines equipped with both Grade with 3D software (v1.7 or newer) and Product LinkTM software (2018.2 or newer) from the factory or installed after purchase.

  • Additional subscriptions to Cat Essentials Hourly and Trimble Works Manager are required to enable cellular connection.

  • Your grade control subscription is a monthly data package limited to 1 GB per machine. 

  • If monthly data usage rate is higher than 1 GB, additional hardware is required.  

Cat Grade Connectivity is available in select countries and best for use in areas with good VRS coverage. Where cellular coverage and internet access is limited or unavailable, onsite internet base stations and virtual reference stations will be required. Additional subscriptions may be required for areas without coverage. Your Cat dealer can advise you on coverage availability for your jobsites.

Connecting your assets via Grade Connectivity helps ensure grade plan continuity across your machines and jobsites for maximum productivity. Review your current Grade hardware and subscriptions with your dealer to see if Grade Connectivity is a viable option for your fleet. 

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