Unexpected machine failures and sudden downtime on the job site can cost you hundreds — even thousands — of dollars. What if there were a secret weapon you could use to diagnose potential problems in your equipment before the need for costly repairs sets you back?

Using Cat® S•O•SSM services for fluid analysis can help you spot issues in your equipment before they become major problems in the same way a doctor might help protect your health during a routine check-up. An expert team of scientists and engineers analyzes your oil, coolant and fuel using Cat® S•O•SSM Services’ proprietary process to reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other unseen issues. Then, S•O•SSM gets you a report fast — giving you valuable information you can use with a quick turnaround to head off any major problems and save you time and money.


What can S•O•SSM do for me?

Cat® S•O•SSM Services can help you head off equipment issues by analyzing your machine’s fluids for signs of wear and contamination.

Routine fluid analysis can help you avoid costly failures and deliver on a clean bill of health for your equipment. Allowing an issue to go to failure can increase your repair costs by double, triple or more. Using expert recommendations, you can adjust or replace a single part — preventing a small problem from becoming a major repair. Save yourself time, money and stress by using the lab’s five decades of experience. Cat® S•O•SSM Services help you manage overall equipment health, thus reducing owning and operating costs and shortening your repair time. Get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed. Since you and your Cat dealer are working as a team to manage your equipment, you’ll know parts and shop time are readily available.

Cat® S•O•SSM provides full testing options for your fleet — including competitors’ products or non-commercial equipment. Work with your Cat dealer to set up routine S•O•SSM sampling and spot major problems early.

A visual inspection of your oil can only reveal so much. But ongoing analysis of your oil can help you identify small issues before they become large, costly problems. Use Cat S•O•SSM services for a comprehensive analysis of your machine’s lubricated systems: engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, differentials, gear boxes and compressors. Analysis of your equipment’s oil can spot early signs of damaging wear metals. It also identifies contaminants that can hamper performance, such as water, fuel, glycol or dirt. Cat S•O•SSM Services check the condition of your oil and provide an overall particle analysis. Additional testing can also measure the levels of acidity or alkalinity in your oil to reduce premature wear or corrosion.

Did you know that about 50% of all engine downtime can be attributed to cooling system problems? The damage caused by overheating can be costly, and many equipment users may overlook the maintenance of their machines’ cooling systems. Use Cat S•O•SSM Services for coolant analysis to see if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum protection and cooling efficiency. Cat S•O•SSM Services assess correct usage, condition, adequate freeze/boil protection and contamination. Choose from two levels of coolant testing: one that checks routine characteristics, which is recommended every 500 hours, and another that provides more in-depth analysis, which is recommended at least yearly.

Poor quality fuel can affect how your equipment performs. It can lead to abnormal wear of components, valves, valve guides, piston rings and more — and raise maintenance and operating costs. Cat S•O•SSM Services’ fuel testing program checks for acceptable quality, microbial growth, contamination and appropriate usage, and helps users meet emissions requirements. Cat S•O•SSM Services provides four levels of diesel fuel analysis: a basic fuel check to spot common issues, fuel monitoring for more in-depth analysis, a fuel storage test to examine the quality of fuel stored on site and a cold test to examine the quality of fuel stored in a cold-weather environment.

Taking Fluid Samples 

How do you take fluid samples from your machinery? Work with your Cat dealer or check out our how-to resources here.

Taking Fluid Samples


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