Enhance Safety with Cat® Seat Belt Reminder

Wearing a seat belt when operating heavy equipment is one of the easiest, most effective ways to prevent injuries on the job. The Cat® seat belt reminder kit is a cost-effective way to remind operators to buckle up. This install-it-yourself upgrade provides an in-cab audio alert if the seat belt is not fastened when the parking brake is released.

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The Cat® seat belt reminder kit can be retrofitted to just about any brand or type of mobile equipment.

Check out this video for a quick visual overview of the system.

Video about Cat seat belt reminder kit

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Seat Belt Reminder Kit Features

  • For seat belts with a four-pin electrical connection, an integrated LED is on the buckle. This provides a visual reminder. 

  • A bypass avoidance system prevents the operator from unplugging the seat belt from the system.

  • Optional features include a dashboard light and an amplified alarm.

  • An external beacon can also be installed on top of the cab to visually alert site supervisors if an operator is working without their seat belt fastened.

Simple to Use

The system is easy to use and adds no additional time or effort to machine operation. At startup:

  1. Insert the seat belt tab into the buckle.

  2. Turn on the ignition switch to start the engine.

  3. Release the parking brake and go.

The only time operators will notice that the system is in place is if they fail to fasten their seat belt before releasing the brake. If the seat belt tab is not inserted in the buckle, the alarm will sound and the warning indicator will illuminate. Plus, if equipped, the optional beacon will light up. 

The shutdown procedure is just as transparent:

  1. Apply the parking brake.

  2. Release the seat belt tab from the buckle.

  3. Turn off the ignition switch immediately or at a later time.

Remote Monitoring

Along with the in-cab alerts for the operator, the seat belt reminder can be integrated with Cat Equipment Management wireless solutions. These allow site managers to remotely monitor operator compliance.

  • The VisionLink® subscription-based telematics software solution can be set up to generate seat belt alert reports. You can use the reports to train operators and maintain historical safety records.

Complete Installation Kit

There are six configurations available to fit almost any machine from any manufacturer. The system’s installation group is ordered separately to allow customers to select the appropriate seat belt for each machine.

The installation group contains the seat belt reminder electronic control module (ECM), a universal harness that works with three- and four-pin electrical seat belts, and mounting hardware. 

  • For new installations, consider installing the four-pin buckle system, which comes with the integrated LED buckle light and audible alarm.

  • Think about replacing the seat belt itself as well. This should be done every three years, per Cat maintenance guidelines.

A solid-state output drives a customer-supplied relay to control the optional beacon. Some of the configurations are intended for use with the Cat Comfort Ride System (CRS). Your Cat dealer can help you select the right installation kit and configuration for your equipment.

Installation is a four-step process that should take less than two hours:

  1. Remove the old belt and harness (if necessary).

  2. Install the new seat belt.

  3. Follow the instructions to install the ECM and mounting hardware.

  4. Complete the initial system setup and validation to make sure the visual and audible alerts are working properly.

You’ll need to place the module inside the cab within 48 inches (1.2 meter) of the seat belt buckle. And you’ll need access to 12- or 24-volt power from the ignition system, the battery ground and the controlled area network (CAN). 

If your machine doesn't communicate via CAN, make sure the module has access to the parking brake switch signal. If you’re using the optional beacon, you’ll also need a wiring path available from inside the cab to the exterior beacon location.

Watch this video for more installation details.


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Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

The Cat seat belt reminder is an affordable safety upgrade that will help you build a culture of safety into your daily operations. Once buckling up becomes second nature, your operators won't notice that the system is in use. Easy to install and transparent in use, this system will help you improve safety, avoid fines and reduce workman’s comp claims. And most importantly, it will help you and protect your most valuable resources: your people. 

Interested in adding this safety upgrade to your machines? Check out the Cat seat belt reminder and use the table below to determine which seat belt and ECM/harness kits are required. 


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Your Cat dealer offers lots of ways to help improve efficiency and enhance safety.



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