Excavator Tiltrotator for Attachment Versatility

If one easy-to-use attachment could increase your excavator’s functionality and bring added value to your operation, wouldn’t you use it? The tiltrotator increases the level of control and variety of work you can complete with your excavator, increasing productivity by up to 13%.

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Take a look at this video demonstrating why the tiltrotator is a must-have enhancement for your Cat® excavator. 

How to Use a Cat® Excavator Tiltrotator

Estimated watch time: 2 minutes

As the video demonstrates, the tiltrotator provides 40-degree left and right tilt and 360-degree rotation [00:16], which can increase the capabilities of your fixed attachments. It’s all operated through your excavator’s joysticks, preventing delay between your input and the action. The tiltrotator’s positioning system also connects to Cat Grade with 3D, allowing for the level of precision you expect from your Cat equipment. 

And using the tiltrotator to connect your attachments is easy. Attach and detach them using the lifting hook pins. A bright light on the bottom of the tiltrotator helps with visibility when swapping attachments [01:03].  

The tiltrotator is compatible with buckets and some hydromechanical tools. And you can use its grapple module for light grapple and handling work without removing the bottom attachment.

A variety of interfaces is available to suit your needs. 

Remember: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more.

Any questions on how a tiltrotator can help you on your worksite? Reach out to your Cat dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your machine. 


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