Get Started with Your Next Gen Wheel Loader’s Monitors

Your next generation wheel loader gauges monitor shows all the quick readouts you need. And you have a touchscreen monitor, too. That’s where you adjust settings and turn on useful technologies. The video below helps you get oriented with how to use these screens when you’re hard at work.

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Using Your Next Gen Cat® Medium Wheel Loader Monitors

Estimated watch time: 2 minutes


Directly in front of you is your gauges screen, where you can see:

  • Fluid temperatures

  • Engine RPM

  • Fuel level

  • Gear

  • Target payload

  • Bucket weight

  • Ground speed

  • Machine hours



On the touchscreen monitor, you can see real-time machine readouts. To see the full menu of available applications and features, click on the applications button — represented by three horizontal lines — in the top right corner of your monitor. Here, you can find the following:

  • Click on the Job Aids button to select which readouts the quadrants on your main screen show, such as hydraulic oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, transmission oil outlet temperature, and bucket tilt angle.

  • With the Information button, you can access your onboard operator manual and totals readouts.

  • Click on Assist to adjust implement kickouts, auto set tires, tip-off assist and autodig functions.

  • In Settings, you can adjust your application profiles. Find and change the attachments you’re using in work tool settings. You can adjust machine settings like implement, ride control and rimpull. And you can make modifications to your display settings, such as language and time.

  • Click on the Service menu for diagnostics, calibrations, parameters and more.

And on the right of your touchscreen monitor, you can find a customizable list of shortcuts.

Remember: Always refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, and practice safe operating procedures.

Have any questions about operating your Cat® medium wheel loader? Reach out to your Cat dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your machine. And if you need an extra or replacement Operation and Maintenance Manual, you can order one online.


Cat® wheel loaders come in a variety of sizes so that you can pick the best machine for your jobsite.



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