How To: Using Cat® Grade with 3D on your Motor Grader

If you’re still pounding stakes into the ground to guide your motor grader, there’s a faster, easier way. Cat® Grade with 3D uses precise, GPS-guided control so you stay on grade from the first cut to the last.

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Cat® Grade with 3D can take your motor grader operations to the next level.

How to Use Cat® Grade with 3D on Your Motor Grader

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The Cat Grade with 3D system takes the guesswork out of grading and finishing. You’ll deliver precise cuts on every pass, saving you time and money.

Cat Grade with 3D can be equipped on Cat 140, 150 and 160 Motor Grader joystick machines. If your motor grader has the system, it’s fully integrated and calibrated from the factory. It’s a mastless system — so you can focus on the job without anything blocking your line of sight. All you need to do is mount a corrections radio to your machine and you’re ready to grade.



To get started, open the Cat Grade with 3D app on the monitor. If you already have a design file, you’ll upload that — otherwise, you can use the display to set up a design manually.

From the main menu, you can [00:55]:

  • Enter the machine setup page to select or confirm that dual GNSS is active. Also, select your correction radio source, and click apply.

  • Go to the system status page and make sure all your machine’s sensors are working.

  • Open the job setup page and make any final adjustments to the project, mode or design. 

  • Check your licenses.

Once everything’s ready, click start to get to work.

The next screen is where you can monitor your design progress and make minor adjustments as you work. See readouts for [01:54]:

  • Cut/fill for the left tip blade

  • Current design mode

  • Elevation offset

  • Design overlays

  • Cut/fill for the right tip blade 

  • Fill left

  • Cut right

  • Body mainfall

  • Precision tolerance

The display is also fully customizable, so you can decide which readouts will show.

Additional features that can aid in your grading work are auto mode and E-fence guidance. Auto mode controls the blade lift and tilt according to the selected vertical guidance. E-fence keeps the moldboard from hitting the grader’s tires and stops the circle from damaging the link bar.

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