How to Use Cat® Advanced Payload with Assist

Wouldn’t it be nice if your wheel loader could accurately tell you the weight of your bucket load? Cat® Payload for Next Gen Cat medium wheel loaders is a real-time onboard weighing technology that boosts your operational efficiency. With Cat Payload, your totals update continuously as you load, which can help you prevent unnecessary cycles.

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Advanced Payload with Assist for Wheel Loaders

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How can you get the most out of Cat® Payload? Here’s how to make it work for you [00:23]:

  1. First, lift and lower your wheel loader’s empty bucket. 

  2. Press the button that zeroes the system if needed.

  3. Load the bucket. Once you have a full bucket of material, tilt your bucket backward. 

  4. Next, start to lift your bucket and maintain a consistent speed. As you’re lifting the bucket, the system will display the estimated weight.

  5. Once the weighing is complete, you’ll see a green box around the weight on your monitor. 

  6. The bucket weight will transfer to your truck weight total, and the pass count will tick up by one.

  7. Once you’ve determined your desired bucket weight, you can press your payload store button to make sure Cat Payload remembers the weight you want. 

And here's some of the data you can track on your monitor [01:04]:

  • Pass count 

  • Total truck weight

  • Target weight 

  • Remaining weight


With Advanced Payload with Assist [01:51], track things like totals by material, totals by truck name, by customer and more. You can also use helpful functions like: 

  • Tip-off assist: Use this feature to automatically dump material from your bucket to hit target weight. Activate it in Advanced Payload settings in your monitor. When activated, push and hold the tilt control lever in the full dump position. The system will tip off material until your target payload weight is reached.

  • Manual bucket add: You can prevent the system from automatically adding your bucket weight to your truck totals. Turn on this feature using your monitor. When you’d like to add the bucket weight to your truck weight and pass count, you can do so by pressing the button on your right console. 

  • Dispatch for Loading: If your jobsite has this feature, you can access this menu on your monitor. It’s the perfect way to incorporate your wheel loader into the scale house process.

Remember: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual, and practice safe operating procedures. 

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