Swap Attachments Fast with the Pin Grabber Coupler

Wouldn’t it be great to switch attachments without hammering pins? Your hydraulic excavator pin grabber coupler can help you do that. Controlled by a switch on your dashboard, your pin grabber coupler allows you to easily drop or pick up buckets and other attachments — getting you back to work faster.

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The pin grabber coupler is installed on the machine’s stick, allowing you to swap and share attachments with similar-sized excavators. This video walks you through all the steps and shows you just how quick the whole process is.


Estimated watch time: 2 minutes

How to Use Pin Grabber Coupler

Here’s how to use the pin grabber coupler to mount an attachment on your hydraulic excavator.

  1. First, place the attachment you’d like to mount on level ground. [00:52] 

  2. From the cab, fully curl your coupler up.

  3. Unlock the coupler with the coupler switch. A buzzer will sound. 

  4. Then, hold the control lever in the extend position for five seconds.

  5. Lower and align the coupler to the pins on your attachment. 

  6. Engage and grab the front and rear pins.

  7. Curl the attachment all the way up. 

  8. Move your pin grabber coupler switch to the lock position. The buzzer will stop.

  9. Hold your control lever in the extend position for five seconds. 

Now, make sure that the coupler and your attachment have properly locked together by placing your bucket on the ground and applying pressure. For buckets, you can also drag it backwards slightly to make sure it’s secure.

Another bucket option [01:29]: Pick it up in reverse, moving your attachment into front shovel position. With the bucket reversed like this, you can be more precise in tight spaces. It's ideal when using your excavator in sewer and water applications. 

If you follow each step for proper coupling, you won’t have to worry about your attachment being secure. And you’ll be a lot less fatigued than you used to be when swapping out attachments.

Remember: Always refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, and practice safe operating procedures. 

Download this brochure to learn more about pin grabber quick couplers.


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