Learn Construction Equipment Economics

Those who know their numbers win in business. With the Cat® Fundamentals of Equipment Economics video series, you’ll learn from expert Mike Vorster how to lower costs and improve business performance.

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What kind of equipment owner are you? Some contractors buy new and trade up every few years to take advantage of new technology and performance. Others hold on to their machines until the paint chips off.

Neither approach is wrong. Each has its merits depending on the work you do, your cash flow and your financial goals. But figuring out these financial models is essential. Apply the right model to increase profitability from your machines and to improve long-term business growth.

With the Cat® Fundamentals of Construction Equipment Economics video series you will learn how to:

  • calculate and lower owning and operating costs.
  • find the best time to repair, rebuild or replace a machine.
  • measure equipment reliability.
  • calculate equipment rates.
  • figure depreciation and residual value.
  • understand how equipment costs affect company bottom line.
  • find and attack the root causes of excess cost.

Once you’ve completed the course and applied its lessons, you may find your bids are more accurate and you're winning more jobs. Plus, you’ll understand just how well each machine serves your company’s ultimate goals.

Cat® Fundamentals of Construction Equipment Economics video series

Estimated watch time: 13 minutes

AEMP endorsed

The Fundamentals of Equipment Economics video training course will help you gain expertise in equipment costs and lifecycle management. Your teacher is Mike Vorster, a top thought leader in this field and author of “Construction Equipment Economics.” 

Vorster has taught this course for decades, at the university level and at the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP). You’ll earn six education credit hours toward AEMP CEM/CESP certification after completing the course.

Self-guided study

The course consists of 25 video sessions spanning eight subjects. We know that your time is in demand, so Caterpillar structured the video sessions to be no more than 20 minutes each. You can view the videos at your leisure, with an expectation that you will complete the course within one year of enrollment.

Complete package

In addition to the videos, the course comes with a printable, downloadable study guide and graded quizzes — everything you need to understand and apply these financial models and master the numbers game. 

Whether you are an owner-operator or a manager in a bigger company looking to increase value and profitability for your business, this course will take you from rule-of-thumb guesstimates to bankable financial precision, from average to excellent, good to great. 

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