No matter how safe you think your worksite already is, safety training can only help you and your organization avoid costly incidents that can slow down your productivity. Unsafe behaviors on the job lead to 90% of incidents. So how can you offer the necessary training across your organization to cut back on these unsafe behaviors?

SafelyHome, the Caterpillar Training Center, is an online eLearning and instructor-led safety training resource designed to cover the full range of safety training for your organization.

Whether using eLearning courses to give employees accessible safety training options on their own internet-connected devices, or by facilitating an in-house instructor-led training course, SafelyHome can provide all levels of your organization the skills to build and sustain a culture that is mindful of best safety practices.

Signing up for an annual subscription grants you access to SafelyHome’s course catalog, which includes a variety of topics and training styles to cover basic compliance-related topics and fundamentals, more than 400 industry-specific safety courses to take you beyond the fundamentals, and instructor-led training that can be facilitated by your own company or a Caterpillar Safety Services expert.

Also included in the subscription is SafelyHome’s learning management system, which allows you to create custom training plans and courses for individuals or departments. You can determine which courses are right for your organization and allocate those courses for new hires or combine several courses to create training tracks to meet specific needs.

Let’s explore a few of the safety training topics available through SafelyHome.

1. Supervisor Training in Accountability & Recognition Techniques (S.T.A.R.T.)

S.T.A.R.T. gives supervisors and managers the leadership skills they need to create a safety-oriented culture across all levels of their organization. Students of this course will walk away with an understanding of how safety impacts the bottom line of the entire company. The S.T.A.R.T. curriculum features up to eight hours of facilitated content spread across three modules, which can be delivered by your own trainers or by Caterpillar experts.

2. Speak Up! Listen Up! For Construction

It’s everyone’s responsibility on the worksite to speak up whenever they see something unsafe, but sometimes that’s a hard message to hear and process. Speak Up! Listen Up! empowers employees to communicate with confidence about unsafe conditions and behaviors. The course covers how to give and receive constructive feedback and apply effective communication techniques on the job. This course can also be delivered by your trainers or by Caterpillar experts.

3. Recognize It!

Recognize It! gives supervisors at all levels the tools they need to deliver safety feedback to their employees. Building a culture of best safety practices not only means identifying and correcting unsafe behaviors — it also means recognizing team members for their safe actions and holding up correct behaviors as a positive example. This course gives supervisors a process for delivering feedback that encourages the right behaviors and motivates accountability, and it can also be delivered by your own trainers or by Caterpillar experts.

4. eLearning Fundamentals

These online courses typically run between 20-40 minutes and are intended to provide safety training basics on a variety of topics. These courses feature video and audio narration, activities and a post-course assessment. Topics include first aid basics, fall protection, fire prevention, active shooter prevention and preparation, excavation and trenching safety, and a review of personal protective equipment. In SafelyHome’s eLearning catalog, you can find any number of safety training modules that fit your needs.

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