Motor Grader Attachments for Your Job

Motor grader attachments, combined with the speed, horsepower and six-wheel traction of your machine, will outperform a single-purpose machine every time.

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A versatile set of Cat® motor grader attachments will handle almost any task: casting, pushing, carrying and piling; throwing snow to the right or left; clearing ditches; and so much more.

Let’s take a look at these attachments and what they can do for you.

Front Blades

Front blades are ideal for spreading, removing debris, grading in tight corners and much more.

A straight blade is effective for spreading piles, removing debris from roadways, pushing materials into washouts and grading in corners where it can be difficult to reach with the moldboard. It’s available in widths and heights to match virtually any application and machine size. It’s available in a version that bolts to the front bolster or in a hook-on version that attaches to the front lift group.

An angle blade is great for clearing roads, driveways and parking lots. From the cab, you can set the angle of the plow up to 30 degrees in either direction to cast material where you need it to go. And the blades roll and carry for maximum efficiency. Angle blades are available in manual or hydraulic angle versions.

Rippers & Scarifiers

These attachments are used in applications ranging from conditioning soils and mixing materials to loosening hard material and to ripping asphalt. While motor graders are not designed to continuously rip hard material, they will do a good job if properly used. Minimize articulation while ripping to avoid side loading the ripper or shanks causing possible failures.

A front scarifier hooks to the front lift group and is normally used for light work. Since the lift group is used for raising and lowering, it is cost effective. Its disadvantages include less control of direction and cut depth when ripping, due to its location ahead of the steering wheels. This location also limits visibility to the scarifier teeth and material fracture.

Compared with a front scarifier, a midmount scarifier has better control of cut depth, improved visibility and ability to fracture harder material. Disadvantages are interference with blade positioning, interference with material flow along the moldboard in some applications, and problems working into corners and close to objects.

A rear ripper/scarifier allows maximum ripping capability by placing the ripper weight on the rear-drive tires. It can be used to rip into corners, along walls or close to an object. The ripper shanks are used for heavy ripping; the scarifier shanks are used for light work where maximum surface fracture is desired. Both sets of shanks can be stored on top of the bar when not in use.

One-way Plows

When you need to clear a path on two-way streets, these plows throw material to the side to ensure passage of vehicles on the other side. Adjustable skid shoes increase service life and plow stability. The cutting edges are replaceable, and optional carbide cutting edges are available.

Additional Attachments

  • V-plows: Moldboard curve maximizes the power of your motor grader for high efficiency snow removal; heavy steel construction with durable divider and replaceable nosepiece and cutting edge

  • Lift group: Snap rings replace cotter pins; protected hydraulics; inline lift arms for structural integrity; sufficient clearance for large tires and chains

  • Hydraulic and manual reversible plows: Quick reversing action; 35-degree variable angle; horizontal pivot follows road crowns; manual design easily upgradeable to hydraulic

  • One-way plows: High strength rib and brace construction; lift group compatible

Some attachments are geared specifically toward snow removal. Check those out in our article about snow attachments.

See which attachments are available for your motor grader.


With its horsepower, speed and traction, all your motor grader needs is the right tools.



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