Next Gen Cat® Medium Wheel Loader Optional Equipment

Kits, add-ons and optional equipment for Next Gen Cat® medium wheel loaders — including extra lighting, beacons, heated seats, auxiliary hydraulics, automatic lubrication and more — can create an even safer, more comfortable and ultimately more productive work environment for your loader operators.

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Next Generation Cat® medium wheel loaders are already designed with comfort and safety in mind, but there are plenty of ways to make your great machine even greater. Research and experience show that comfortable operators get their work done more efficiently. Plus, they remain productive much longer into each shift, with less fatigue and distraction.

There are long-term benefits to spec’ing for more comfort, too. Extra seat customizations like cushion angle and ride stiffness can reduce back pain other and career-shortening conditions. Keeping operators on your team for as long as possible is especially critical now, when good operators are hard to find. 

The optional automatic lubrication system saves valuable time on the job. And with additional lighting packages and beacons, you’ll help reduce accidents and be able to safely work after the sun goes down.

What follows is just a partial list of some of the most useful kits, add-ons and upgrades available for Next Gen Cat medium wheel loaders. 


  • Cushion angle: Raise or lower angle according to your physical needs.

  • Bolster: Use the electric switches for seat cushion and backrest adjustments.

  • Thigh adjustment: Move seat cushion forward or back for shift-long leg comfort.

  • Heater/cooler: Use the seat heater to improve comfort in cold weather. There are three levels of heating and cooling.

  • Ride stiffness: Increase or decrease seat firmness.


  • Hazard lights: Push a switch to alert surrounding personnel to the machine’s position.

  • Roading headlights: Adjust to low or high beam with the push of a button.

  • Beacon: Helps alert people in the work area to the presence of a working machine, especially at dusk or nighttime. If the beacon was in the on position when the machine was shut down, the beacon will be on when the machine is restarted. Note: The beacon can be configured to be always active.

  • Auxiliary work lights: Add illumination to the front and back work area, either simultaneously or separately.


Heated and powered mirrors: A switch on the right-side control panel heats and adjusts the mirror position and defrosts them in cold weather. The heated mirrors are on a timed cycle and will turn off automatically when a set time has elapsed.

Auxiliary third & fourth function controls: These provide auxiliary control for additional hydraulic functions.

Additional cameras: Forward facing and side-view cameras may be installed on the machine to improve all-around vision. To view any of the additional camera images, a Vision Display is required. Larger buckets may require mounting the front camera mounted to an elevated mast.

Vision display: The display, mounted in the upper right corner of the cab, shows a variety of selectable camera views and other information. Viewing options vary based on the number of cameras installed and certain regulatory restrictions.

  • Primary camera viewing pane: Select a camera to display its view full screen. The rearview camera is automatically shown in this area when the machine is in reverse.

  • Vision system notification banner: Display diagnostics or events related to the vision system or the object detection system. 

  • Vision system menu: Access features and settings related to the vision system or object detection system. 

  • ‘Bird’s eye’ viewing pane: See a partial view from each of the installed cameras.


Autolube frees you from routine lubrication chores. It includes an electrical system that turns autolube on and off at periodic intervals and automatically lubricates:

  • linkage pins for the loader bucket
  • bearings for the lift cylinders
  • bearings for the tilt cylinders
  • upper sleeve bearing and middle sleeve bearing for the bucket tilt levers
  • upper sleeve bearing for the bucket lift arms
  • articulation hitch (upper and lower)
  • steering cylinder pins
  • axle oscillating bearings

Note: The autolube system does not cover the drive shaft support bearing, the drive shaft spline (center) or the drive shaft universal joints.

The greasing cycle can be set to low (runs every 38 minutes), medium (every 30 minutes) or high (every 23 minutes). 

And you can select from three operating modes:

  • Auto greases the machine at the programmed interval. This is the default operation mode.

  • Single performs one full lubrication cycle regardless. The system will resume auto mode upon completion of the cycle.

  • Multiple performs 30 minutes of continuous lubrication to assist in service troubleshooting or to prime a system that has run out of grease.


This article outlines only some of the options available for Next Gen Cat medium wheel loaders. Want to see more available options for your machine? Talk to your Cat dealer or explore medium wheel loader models to see standard and optional equipment.


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