Switching Attachments on Your Excavator Monitor

Get back to work faster than ever. Your new Next Gen Cat® hydraulic excavator makes it easy to switch from bucket to hammer to compactor, and back again. And with only a few touches on your monitor screen, your machine’s system can quickly read and control these new attachments.

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Video about Switching Attachments on Excavator Monitor

Estimated watch time: 2 minutes

This quick video tour will show you how to change your attachment settings with your Cat® excavator monitor. This’ll help you cut back on maintenance-related downtime, so you’ll only have to spend your time doing what matters most on the job.

Here are a few key points and examples:

  • Your excavator’s attachments are controlled by high- and medium-pressure and coupler lines. The ball valve is used in conjunction with high-pressure lines to switch between one- and two-way flow from the pump to the attachment. [00:15]

  • To switch attachments, press the apps button, and scroll to and highlight the bucket attachment setting. [00:32] 

  • To switch to hammer, select the hammer tool in the menu. You’ll see that the hammer icon has replaced the bucket icon at the top of the screen. [00:49]

  • To switch to compactor, return to the bucket attachment setting and select the compactor tool in the menu. You’ll notice that the compactor icon has now replaced the hammer icon at the top of the screen. [00:58]

Remember: Always consult your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more.

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