Autodig lets the machine take over the digging process, so you get consistently full bucket loads, greater digging efficiency and faster cycle times. It detects the pile and automates the transmission and attachment controls.

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Autodig is a standard Assist technology on Next Gen Cat® medium wheel loaders.


To use Autodig, go to the Assist menu on main in-cab touchscreen and touch Autodig. You can configure the system for your material and application using three options:

  • Trigger setting: Place the system in the automatic pile detection mode or disable it for manual digging.

  • Dig effort: Increase or decrease the aggressiveness of the digging cycle. There are five dig effort settings for progressively more difficult bucket-loading situations.

  • Set kickout: Set the lift kickout point to the ending lift height of the cycle to match your dump destination.


Once your options are set, select auto, and you’re ready to go. The Autodig system will start the loading cycle as soon as it detects contact with the pile. You can interrupt the automated cycle at any time by moving the neutralizer pedal, directional controls or bucket control levers. You're always in control. 

When you push into the pile, Autodig automatically lifts and racks back the bucket to obtain a full load. Once the bucket is fully racked, it will lift to the programmed kickout height.

The system can function up to third gear, but you should enter the pile in either first or second gear. Autodig will automatically downshift to the proper gear for each dig effort setting. Settings 1 and 2 allow the transmission to remain in second gear when loading. The higher settings will force a downshift to first gear when loading begins. 

If material requires higher dig effort than your dig effort setting, the bucket may raise past the lift kickout point. This only occurs when the bucket doesn’t first reach its full rack back position during the cycle.

See Autodig in action. 


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If the five pre-programmed dig effort settings aren’t right for your application, you can save a custom load cycle setting using the record/playback function. Dig effort 6 is reserved for this purpose. 

  1. To begin recording, select the icon on the Autodig settings screen. Be sure to start your loading cycle within 20 seconds of selecting the icon or the custom cycle won’t be saved.

  2. Now, enter the pile and load the bucket manually. While you’re loading the bucket, the Autodig indicator will flash slowly.

  3. The record mode captures the lowest active transmission gear and uses it during the loading cycle.

  4. After loading the bucket, select the icon again to complete the recording process.

  5. To recall this custom cycle, select dig effort 6.


Autodig not only saves time during loading for improved digging efficiency and faster cycle times, it also:  

  • Improves fill factors and payload consistency. Fuller payloads means fewer trips to the truck or hopper, resulting in reduced fuel burn and less machine wear and tear.

  • Lets you focus on the machine's speed and direction for safer operation.

  • Enables newer operators to work efficiently right away.

  • Reduces fatigue for operators during their entire shifts.

No matter how skilled or experienced you may be, Autodig helps you work more efficiently and productively. Whether you’re loading trucks, feeding hoppers or performing load-and-carry operations, you’ll get optimum bucket payloads with every cycle, all shift long.

Autodig is standard on Next Generation Cat medium wheel loaders featuring Cat Payload with Assist.

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