VisionLink® Software Analyzes the Data for You

Turn telematics data into information you can interpret with confidence when you use VisionLink® software. It’s available at different subscription levels to perfectly match your unique business needs.

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Telematics technology has transformed fleet management. The sheer volume of data being transmitted back to an equipment manager can be overwhelming. This makes it difficult to dig down to the source of a problem and move quickly to correct it. 

VisionLink software is a subscription-based telematics solution for monitoring machine information at a detailed level. VisionLink connects to your equipment’s telematics hardware and gathers and analyzes the data. It delivers reports about the performance of your individual machines served in easy-to-digest bites. Choose the data reporting frequency that works best for your job, and customize dashboards to deliver only the information that’s most important to you. 


  • Controlling costs: Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn. Improve machine utilization and manage service to avoid downtime. Document precise working hours to increase resale value.

  • Monitoring operator performance: Compare individual operators’ productivity and idle time numbers to motivate improvement. Receive alerts if unsafe actions occur so you act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities.

  • Increasing production: Know if, when, where and how every asset is being used. You can bid and schedule projects more accurately and easily manage an entire jobsite via one interface.

  • Running a safe operation: Know when unsafe actions occur, even when you’re not there. Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities.

With VisionLink software, you’ll review data from a host of jobsites and instantly gain a real-time picture of your fleet. It gives you insights into your equipment’s health as well as how effectively it’s being used. There’s no more guessing, and no more phone calls or text messages about your equipment status.


  1. Make sure your equipment has telematics hardware. Telematics software is built into newer Cat® equipment. For older machines, you’ll need to install a Product Link™ device. 

  2. Choose a telematics subscription to access the data, working with your Cat dealer to decide which subscription level is best for your operations.

  3. Integrate VisionLink data into your business decisions. Your Cat dealer can help you find the right telematics subscription to activate VisionLink. 

VisionLink isn’t just another hard-to-navigate, frustrating software. It’s intuitive and has a mobile-ready interface. Plus:

  • customizable dashboards 

  • dynamic reporting capabilities

  • actionable information to help you make key decisions 

Use VisionLink to plan out machine maintenance while catching failures before they become full-blown emergencies. You can also encourage better, safer, more efficient operators, saving you money in fuel and repairs while ensuring that every machine in your fleet is being used effectively at all times.

And when safety issues or component failures do arise, VisionLink gives you immediate, real-time information on the problem so you can act fast to correct an issue or get maintenance scheduled with minimal disruptions to your busy timetable. 

And because you’re constantly on the go, Caterpillar has designed VisionLink to be mobile ready — meaning the software has the same functionalities on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

And best of all, VisionLink is not a one-size-fits-all software program. Cat maintenance experts have designed VisionLink with a variety of subscription levels to empower businesses from small contractors all the way up to large equipment fleets. 


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