Why Buy Used Heavy Equipment?

When the time comes to acquire more equipment for your fleet, buying new might not always be the answer. Sure, new machine features are appealing. But buying new can come with a high cost. So why not buy used heavy equipment? You can still get a dependable and durable machine with the product support associated with Cat® machines.

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We know it can be overwhelming and feel like a gamble to purchase used. But buying used heavy equipment from your Cat® dealer at CatUsed.com® can help ease your mind. Consider the following benefits that can come with Cat Used heavy equipment.

  • Buying used heavy equipment is more affordable.
    Is cash tight? Do you need to spend what money you have elsewhere in your operation? Grow your business without paying a premium for new equipment. Buying used heavy equipment is significantly less expensive. New machines can lose up to 40% of their value in the first 12 months after purchase. So when you buy used, you can expect a significant discount. 

  • Financing options can help spread out the cost.
    Used machines allow you to expand your fleet even if you’re facing financial obstacles. There’s a lower acquisition cost in general. And you can spread out the cost over time with financing options. Cat Financial offers financing, protection and prevention solutions that can work within the parameters of your budget.

  • Need equipment for short-term applications? Buy used.
    Sometimes you need a machine for a very specific application you may not need to address daily. Or you may wish you had a secondary machine in reserve when you’re facing unexpected downtime. You can always rent machinery to address short-term needs on your worksite, of course. 

    But buying used heavy equipment can be just as affordable for those occasional specific tasks, or if you just want backup equipment on hand in case your primary machines go in for service. Used machines will give you similar production and may be a particularly smart choice for demolition work or other rough applications where you want to avoid damage to new machines.

  • You can choose from a large selection of used equipment.
    Buying new? Depending on whether you buy a standard spec or special configuration, your dealer may or may not have that new machine available in stock. But there’s a wider availability of used equipment available for purchase immediately.

  • Used heavy equipment is in excellent condition.
    Buying from a reputable equipment dealer? Many used heavy machines were formerly used in rental fleets, meaning they’ve been retired after only a few years of usage and have been well-maintained. This used equipment often has low working hours and high performance capabilities.

  • Consistently high quality is guaranteed.
    Work with a Cat dealer to choose from the most high quality used heavy equipment. With detailed service history records that should include everything from repairs to regular maintenance, you should have no questions about the quality of the machinery you’ll be buying. That means no guesswork about the equipment’s history. Still, you’ll want to get the following documentation from your dealer before purchasing used equipment:

    • Service history

    • Parts replacement

    • Service hours

    • Maintenance records

    • Incident/accident reports

    • Original manufacturer warranty, if still in effect

    • Equipment protection options, if available

Don’t forget to conduct your own inspection — and take it for a test drive. 

  • Continued service options are available.
    Dealer coverage, plus parts and service support, are available when you purchase through Cat Used. Your dealer already has in-depth knowledge of the machine and its history. And because they’re familiar, they can conduct repairs and maintenance more efficiently than anyone else. 

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