A Strategic Approach to Electrification in Oil & Gas



Thanks to decades of innovation in improving engine technology, today’s oil and gas equipment is cleaner and quieter than ever. More stringent regulations worldwide are driving manufacturers to redesign products to meet more ambitious standards while addressing your needs for better efficiency and lower fuel costs. So too are changing societal attitudes about environmental sustainability.

Staying on top of these requirements — yours and society’s — is what drives our product development process. We’re constantly seeking solutions that can help you achieve fuel savings, greater durability and higher productivity while meeting your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we’re focused on a diverse portfolio that lets us match the right product to your application.

Here are just a few examples of innovative solutions and emerging technologies we’ve recently added to our product lineup:

  • Semi-Modular Power Plants: This fully turnkey solution supports energy companies interested in self-generating electricity. Pre-fabricated modules house Cat® generators and switchgear needed to connect to an electrical substation. Gas that otherwise would be flared is converted into usable electricity, reducing GHG emissions and operating costs.
  • Land Drilling Energy Storage System: This first-of-its-kind hybrid system pairs natural gas generator sets with a robust battery storage system. It enables land drilling rig engines to run entirely on natural gas, reducing site emissions and fuel costs.
  • Dynamic Gas Blending™ Engines for Well Service: Our award-winning 3512E U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final DGB Engine delivers the same power, performance and reliability as the diesel model but in a dual-fuel platform that can run on flare gas (as well as CNG, LNG or pipeline gas). It can reduce an operation’s overall GHG footprint and cut fuel costs significantly, thanks to a maximum diesel displacement rate of 85%.
  • Dynamic Gas Blending Generator Sets for Land Drilling: Built on a traditional diesel-electric platform, DGB generator sets can operate on CNG, LNG, pipeline gas and field gas — all of which cost less than diesel.
  • Engine Idle Reduction System: Available on our well service engines, this simple hardware technology automatically stops and restarts the engines on a frac rig between pumping stages, using batteries to provide auxiliary power to the trailer. That reduces fuel consumption, working hours and preventive maintenance — lowering operating costs and improving profitability.
  • Electric Motors: For gas compression applications, we offer a full line of electric motors that produce zero emissions on location — ideal for highly regulated regions.

Whether you’re looking to generate fewer emissions, burn less fuel or increase power density, we're here to provide an innovative solution that meets your needs — without sacrificing the levels of quality, reliability and durability your work demands.


Let’s partner to advance sustainable energy and achieve your ESG goals. Contact our experts to start a deeper conversation about the challenges you’re facing and the Caterpillar solutions — existing and in development — that can help you address them.

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First-to-Market Hybrid System Cuts Emissions, Handles Spikes

Pairing gas generators with batteries, the Cat® Land Drilling Energy Storage System not only reduces emissions and fuel use significantly but also improves power quality and transient response.

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First-to-Market Hybrid System Cuts Emissions, Handles Spikes