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Having 75 plus years of designing engines specifically for the oil and gas business has led helps us maximize the lives of critical wear components. We're committed to making sure you have maximum return on investment in Caterpillar.

Aligning engine, generator and cooling system service intervals is just one of the ways we make sure that simple integration and ease of maintenance is there for even remote locations.

Production sites are never around populated areas it seems like. They are always out there in remote, and often harsh environments so having a Global Dealer Network out there means whether you're in Angola, Malaysia or Oklahoma City, Cat dealers can get there and help you keep those engines running right.

Caterpillar Production Power

Finning engineer Spencer Smirl is the lead engineer on the Antarctica expedition. Smirl has experience working on Caterpillar equipment in cold weather. Now he's learning about the modified D6Ns that will make the trek. Smirl talks about one of the specially-engineered changes.

Keeping Cat on Track in Antarctica