Are You Part of the Rental Trend? surveyed more than 70,000 business owners, CEOs, managers and procurement professionals between 2011 and 2014—and found that heavy equipment rentals are growing across the United States. Take a look at these numbers:

·         Overall rentals rose 75% from 2013 to 2014.

·         Rentals for compact track loaders shot up 925%.

·         Wheel loader rentals skyrocketed 273%.

·         Forklift rentals jumped 90%.

Clearly, growth in the construction industry is driving an increase in heavy equipment use, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to equipment purchases. Companies are taking advantage of other options when financing heavy equipment, including leases and rentals. Why is renting so popular?

Rentals offer more flexibility.

Leases often include additional fees or mandatory contracts for maintenance and repairs. They can also include penalties for withdrawing early from the lease agreement. The possibility of added costs explains, at least in part, why lease options have lost ground to rentals, which allow users simply to return machines when they no longer need them.

Rentals deliver quick financial benefits.

Construction equipment typically sits idle until it’s needed for the next project. Rentals not only cost less per hour, but rental fees often are immediately deductible expenses, so companies can realize a double financial benefit.

Rental machines are also a great way to try out new technologies, tools and features. Talk to your Cat®  dealer about the benefits of renting a machine for your next project.

Heavy equipment rentals are on the rise, due in large part to flexibility and financial benefits.

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Cat® rental products give you the flexibility each job demands with the performance and productivity you depend upon. With one call or click, what you need is on its way – no matter how much, how soon or for how long.

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