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The Guide to Soil CompactionGuide to Asphalt Compaction and Guide to Asphalt Paving books take a practical approach to the complex topics of compaction and paving. Each guide covers the basics and then discusses the science behind and techniques for the different applications, providing examples for how to use these principles most effectively.

Whether you are a construction professional, a government official, educator, student, or simply interested in learning more about construction methodology, you’ll find these guides to be a valuable resource.

Application guides from Caterpillar are:

  • Information-packed
  • Easy-to-read
  • Supported by color photos and illustrative graphic elements
  • Reflect the industry expertise of Caterpillar
paving and compaction application guides



Guide to Soil Compaction

This guide offers a practical approach to soil compaction principles, testing techniques and on-the-job procedures.


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Guide to Asphalt Compaction

This practical, hands-on reference manual covers the basic principles of asphalt compaction along with specific examples of how to use them effectively.




Guide to Asphalt Paving

Ideal for those involved in the planning, preparation and placement of asphalt, this reference guide covers the basics of asphalt production, paving fundamentals, applications and more.


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Paving and Milling Equipment

Cat® machines take you from the base up to the final surface with paving and milling machines that are easy to operate, easy to service and fully connected for maximum efficiency and profitability. 

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Cat paver
Cat paver

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Cat paver and asphalt compactor
Cat paver and asphalt compactor