5 Tips for a Successful Career: Advice from Cat® Customers
5 Tips for a Successful Career: Advice from Cat® Customers

5 Tips for a Successful Career: Advice from Cat Customers

The best career advice our customers have received from their co-workers.

By Nicole Serena, Contributor | Posted: April 24, 2023 

Construction, mining, quarry and oil industries are built on a foundation of knowledge sharing. Being open to advice and feedback is an important part of learning on the job.

We recently asked our social media followers for the best advice they’ve received from a co-worker. Here’s a few of their top tips:

1. Don’t Cut Corners

“Measure twice, cut once” is an old saying that applies to many fields but is especially true in construction. It’s also one of the top tips we heard from our social media fans, including Kim Clothier. Skipping steps may seem like an attractive option to save time and money. But it often leads to significant problems. Cutting corners can compromise safety, lead to costly repairs, and damage your reputation.

2. Embrace Mistakes

Mistakes happen, whether it’s a minor measuring error or a significant design flaw. But as Facebook fan Gaïus Koualao said, “never be ashamed when you make one.” Mistakes can also lead to innovation. “If there's a problem, make yourself part of the solution,” was a tip from Darcy Waugh. Sometimes, mistakes can lead to creative solutions and new ideas. By embracing mistakes and learning from them, you can improve your skills, knowledge and expertise.

3. Be a Leader, Not a Manager

A good leader inspires and motivates their team to achieve their goals. They communicate expectations clearly, set realistic goals and deadlines, and ensure everyone is on the same page. And they also lead by example. “Good leaders are great helpers” was a tip from Facebook fan Brad Harris. Being willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside your team can inspire respect and trust. 

4. Treat Your Team with Respect

A company's success depends on every employee's contribution, and every employee's role matters. Become an effective leader by listening, helping, and maintaining a positive attitude. “The way you talk to someone matters” was a tip from Kristy Lambert. The way you talk to others can make a significant impact on your working relationship and the success of the project. 

5. Become A Life-Long Learner

Learning is a never-ending process. Even the most experienced workers can benefit from constructive feedback. Facebook fan Ian Cormier said, “Don’t get frustrated if someone is giving you advice. Learning never stops.”  Taking an active approach to acquiring new skills can help you stay updated with changing trends and technologies. And it will help you remain competitive in your field. Ultimately, every day is a learning experience.

What career advice would you give to a co-worker or friend? Tell us on Facebook.


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