Extraordinary Machines With Extraordinary Support
Extraordinary Machines With Extraordinary Support

Extraordinary Machines With Extraordinary Support

At the heart of Caterpillar's business is a very simple premise. Design and build the world's best machines. Then support them with the world's best after-sale and maintenance plans. 

By Caterpillar | Posted: December 07, 2022


Pon Norway's long-standing relationship with their customer Rental Group is a perfect example of just how successful this can be. A relationship that started way back in 1974.

Over the years, both companies have grown together to become major players in their respective fields. This year Pon signed a five-year Cat® Customer Value Agreement (CVA) contract to cover all maintenance and repairs of the 400 of Rental Group’s Cat machines.

Managing Director of Rental Group, Pål Brandvold, explains why this is so important to his business. 

With the CVA in place, we know we are minimizing the downtime for all our Cat machines.

Pål Brandvold

Of course, the reality behind such a simple statement is a lot of hard work and commitment from many people at Pon Norway. People like Gunder Grimsrud, Key Account Manager, Pon Norway. "The CVA we have with Rental Group is the result of many meetings and much planning to reflect their specific needs. Working so closely together means it's more like a partnership than anything else."

Something Pål entirely agrees with. "When we work on projects, it's as partners. But by working through everything up front, we can give our clients the best solution and total peace of mind. For example, if I have to send 50 machines to the middle of nowhere, I need to know that I will have the support of mechanics etc., when needed. Often that will mean weekly meetings."

Obviously, such a large customer will always require more time and resources, but in many respects, they are no different than any other customer. 

Naturally, we're very proud to have such a prestigious customer, but in truth, no matter how big or how small a customer is, we will always go the extra mile for them. It's more than just something we do. It's about who we are.

Lars Erik Sissener

Head of Service Support, Pon Norway

Again, Pål is in agreement. "It's been our experience that they invest more in the customer than the competition. Nothing is too much trouble. Time, training, contact – they sit down with us. This isn't about sending over a service agreement document. They focus on our needs."

In the past, this has meant 'borrowing' parts from new machines if they didn't have the necessary ones in stock. Mechanics working through the night to have machines up and running for the next day's work. Or, on one occasion, having a supervisor drive overnight to Oslo to pick up a part.

With Norway having some of the most stringent laws regarding emissions, another important factor for Rental Group is how Pon Norway helps make hitting those targets easier. Pål explains, "With the world changing, Pon are always there to help us meet these new needs. With Cat machines often being the first to market with new solutions." 

Expanding on the environmental issue, Pål adds, "We estimate that client-owned machines can be used as little as 30% of the time. While rental machines are a lot busier, ours tend to be used 80% of the time. This is important as the harder the machines work, the fewer machines need to be made. And that is good for the environment and our future."


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Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are easy ownership plans that fit your business needs to extend equipment life and maximize investment. Keeping it in excellent condition means more production and lower costs.

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