Implementing Change
Implementing Change

Tips for Implementing Change on Your Mine Site

By Caterpillar | Posted March 31, 2022

Successful implementation of a technology solution is contingent upon a culture of trust. If the time and effort is made to educate operators, supervisors and managers on the benefits of the technology, it will deliver the intended results.

Here are some tips to help keep management and workforce aligned when it comes to implementing new technologies:

  • Paint a vivid picture of the “why” and “where.” Ensuring people understand the reason for the change will help minimize their resistance to it.
  • Get people involved. It’s important early in the process to bring in the people who will be most affected by the change. In addition to reducing resistance, these individuals can become champions for the change.
  • Give people a voice. Discouraging feedback or questions can trigger a stronger and louder defensive response. When change is afoot, someone usually stands to lose something — be it status, competence, autonomy or ego. Understanding these concerns by giving people a voice helps leaders create an implementation process that reflects the needs of the audience.
  • Build accountability at all layers. Change is a team sport. Whether it’s acceptance of a new technology or process, all people have a role to play. Ensure that those from the front line to the management team have an active and visible role.
  • Recognize there will be challenges. Change involves people, and with people come emotions. Acknowledge the effort they are putting in to adapting to change.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. While leaders and managers may think they have clearly communicated expectations, this is often far from the truth. In the absence of information, we create our own to fill the void. This is how rumors start. Communicate early and often.

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