All Female Maintenance Crew
All Female Maintenance Crew

All-Female Crew Completes Planned Maintenance on Cat® Truck

Learn more about how a team of women is breaking new ground in maintenance

By Caterpillar | Posted November 22, 2022

More than a decade ago, Cat® dealer Ferreyros pioneered the adoption of 400-ton (365-tonne) payload trucks in the Peruvian mining industry, introducing the mechanical drive Cat 797F into its territory. In the last two years, those trucks have been joined by a second Cat truck model with a similar payload: the electric drive Cat 798 AC.

Powered by an engine designed for high altitudes, the 798 AC delivers the highest power in its class at 4,150 horsepower. These 410-ton (372-tonne) haulers have been successfully producing in Antamina, Cuajone, Toquepala, Cerro Verde and Toromocho mines. By the end of 2022, Ferreyros will support about 20 798 AC trucks in Peru.

Ferreyros recently achieved another first with the 798 AC in Peru ― but this time the achievement wasn’t about power, payload or productivity. Instead it was on the support side of the operation.

For the first time, a crew made up entirely of women successfully completed the 500-hour planned maintenance on a 798 AC truck at Toquepala copper mine. 

Truck Maintenance Team

From planning, dispatch and execution to logistical support, the team deployed the complete six-step process, which takes from 10 to 14 total hours.

Toquepala is a copper deposit located 11 483 feet (3,500 meters) above sea level in Ilabaya, one of three districts that make up the province of Jorge Basadre, established in the department of Tacna in southern Peru. Along with the Cuajone mine, Toquepala is operated by Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC).

The Cat 798 AC was “baptized” with the name “La Guadalupana” (Lady of Guadalupe). On December 12, 2020, the day of celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the project took its first step when part of the female crew joined a mixed staff to support a 400-ton Cat 797F mining truck. The following year, the all-female group completed its first planned maintenance, commemorating a unique milestone in Peruvian mining.

“I appreciate the opportunity to show that we, women, can break stereotypes and paradigms with our work — in this case, by providing support to the largest Caterpillar mining trucks,” said Edith Phoco, a 15-year member of the Ferreyros team. “I invite women to engage in the exciting field of machinery and to be part of more mining milestones in the future.”

Promoting gender equity     

Ferreyros, which celebrates 100 years of operation in Peru this year, promotes gender equity, diversity, and inclusion into its operations through its Pares+ program. The all-female maintenance effort, which is part of this program, received key support from a number of customer and dealer leaders, including Rogelio Martinez, Operations Director of Toquepala; Fernando Armas, Ferreyros Mining Vice President; Jose Atho, Ferreyros SPCC manager; and Henry Candia, who manages the Toquepala operation for the dealership. This project also intends to encourage more Peruvian women to become part of the world of machinery.

Currently, 110 female Ferreyros service technicians and warehouse operators work in various activities nationwide, supporting Cat fleets or contributing to logistic activities.

As part of its parent company, Ferreycorp, the Cat dealer has earned high marks from independent organizations for its gender equity efforts. According to its annual Sustainability Report, Ferreycorp promotes gender equity in all its companies.

Female maintenance technician

Ferreycorp was recognized by Aequales consulting firm, earning a first place PAR ranking in terms of gender equality, diversity and social inclusion for companies with up to 200 employees. The PAR Ranking is an annual measurement tool of the gender equity conditions of organizations in Latin America.

Ferreycorp was also among the top 10 in the National General Ranking, which evaluated more than 200 companies. It has been distinguished as one of the top 20 out of 900 companies in 18 Latin American countries ranked for their policies regarding equity, diversity and inclusion. Additionally, Ferreycorp’s Pares+ program obtained second place in the Good Labor Practices Contest, an initiative of the Ministry of Labor, recognizing its work to promote equal opportunities for men and women.


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